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Aguas calientes Roboré – Santa Cruz

Aguas Calientes has become a thriving population that has electric light services, drinking water, coverage of mobile telephony and internet. Tourists can find lodgings in several categories (from camping to hostels) and food service.

The community of Aguas Calientes is known for its springs that holds three pretty visited tourist attractions throughout the year:

Aguas Calientes

Hot Springs, is located at 32 km from the municipality of Roboré on the bi-oceanic road. Is the longest river of thermal waters of Latin america, are 5 km. medicinal water and amazing nature.

The sites visitors arrive to which are:

Los Hervores and el Playón. Los Hervores, It is the site with more hot water, between 41 ° and 45 ° C, the most interesting site is formed by water or hervores outbreaks, where literally is the water boiling, and the visitor can enter feeling that the Earth begins to swallow his body, but there is no chance of this and if you can keep inside, You can enjoy a delicious massage. These waters have medicinal properties, given the concentration of minerals.

Following the course of the water, you get to El Playón, place of water a little more fresh, where is it possible to spend hours of relaxation, swimming and observing nature.

The Burrino. Some 250 metres from the town of Aguas Calientes is the Burrino , natural spa where the water has a temperature of 35 degrees, whole ideal for hours of fun, swimming, jumping and taking advantage of the mud to perform an exfoliation of skin during your stay.

The bridge. The bridge, located two km from the town of Aguas Calientes, It is a bend in the river of the same name that reaches this site with water at 25 °, unbeatable place to enjoy from the shadows of the trees, the peace of the place and the whirlpool company of the local birds. The crystal clear water invites to stay for hours and return several times.



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