La Paz

Pucarani Autodrome – La Paz


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Wear light clothing for the day and sheltered for the night, comfortable shoes, lenses and Sun Hat; first aid kit with sunscreen and medicine for altitude sickness.
Coordinates UTM N 8186753 – E 555754
Altitude 3872 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 5 OC – Max. 10 OC

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Pucarani Autodrome

Pucarani Autodrome is located near the town of the same name on the inter-provincial highway to the town of battles.
This infrastructure is known as the highest automobile circuit of the world, opened the 2005. Account with an approximate perimeter of 3 km. In this scenario departmental competitions are conducted, national and international. In its design and construction all the technical requirements and quality parameters were taken into account, use of materials, support infrastructure, safety and length, having complied with them to the fullest, so that competences in this place are officially recognized.
It is the most important circuit of the region found in optimum conditions for the development of recreational activities and skills in car discipline. Responsible for its administration and maintenance is the Municipal Government, the same one that coordinates these activities with the Bolivian Federation (FBA) under plans and dates established for that purpose.
It is thus that the Federation includes this circuit in its schedule of annual activities, contributing not only to the development of the automobile sport in Bolivia, but also to the economic activation of the municipality. To visit the Speedway call previously in the municipality. The season for visiting the infrastructure is the dry season which includes the months of May to September.

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