Capachos Spa – Oruro



Altitude 3700 masl


Capachos Spa – Oruro

Capachos Spa a tourist place of springs whose administration depends on the Municipal Government of Oruro, generates daily between 800 and 1.050 Bolivians by the influx of people who daily visit the place, the Administrator explained, Eduardo Ávila.

The Spa is owned by the municipality, five years ago it was owned by a tenant, which gave 22 thousand Bolivians for mayor. From this new administration revenues increased, so some people visiting the site explained that the Administration and service should be better every day.

“The attention of the 06:00 up to the 17:00 hours, Every day, after it is cleaned and uncovers the individual, family and pool, for cleaning and disinfection. The income is of 3,50 Bolivian, and 3 bolivianos to the pool per person, daily come about 200 people minimum, on weekends and holidays this can be reached at 700 visitors”, reported Ávila.

According to this information becomes a calculation of a daily income of an amount close to the 1.000 Bolivians in particular days, which can increase up to 3.000 Bolivian holidays or weekends, It is estimated that the monthly collection of this resort is around from 45 thousand Bolivians.

“Daily revenue is deposited in the municipality with proof”, said Manager.

Avila explained that you for the purchase of cleaning materials, payment for services and salaries of officials is the municipality which allocates resources, pointing out that it is not a stand-alone service and which depend on the Mayor's Office.

He also announced that in coming weeks will begin the second phase of the improvement of the infrastructure after the recent arrangements that were made in the management 2011, where the pool cover will be changed.

However, will continues seeing some flaws on the roof of the family pools, In addition to the showers which according to Ávila is the misuse that give people.



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