Balneario de Obrajes – Oruro


Altitude 3700 masl


Balneario de Obrajes – Oruro

It is a resort located at 25 more or less kilometres north-east of the Department of ORURO, the estimated time of arrival is of 45 minutes, is located at an approximate height of 3,700 m.a.s.l.. Has a thermal water pool and bedrooms that they are a kind of family or individual small pools that allow sessions of therapy or relaxation with healing waters. At the end of the visit inside the swimming pool complex, in front of it are a few typical dishes of the place, as they are: "Legs" which consists of, legs of lamb, traditional fried oil flour and water. Also the "fills", These consist of shredded potato, flour with water, ground beef, egg and vegetables, all made a bobbin and equally delicious oil frizzled, Another dish that we find is "LA RANGA" soup or broth boiled from the belly of the cow and fresh vegetables from the place, any of these dishes are exquisite and it is part of the gastronomic tourism of oruro as original dishes of the place. There is also a children Park out of the same, for not only recreation of children, some games are for all ages.

The complex, located at the beginning of the path to Cochabamba, has a hostel, with all the comforts and services. The boiling waters, rich in minerals such as sulphur, potassium, magnesium and iron, they have healing and therapeutic powers, but above all of relaxation. Its primary attraction is its thermal waters pool containing numerous medicinal properties, In addition to being a center of recreation and relaxation, visit ideal time is about three and half hours of travel by the place. The way is the following: You must exit on the highway to the city of Cochabamba. There are buses in public transport depart from the center of the city of Oruro, heading to that location, the cost of the passage does not exceed the 10 BS. per person.

Source: http://www.viajeros.com/


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