Bermejo – Tarija



Bermejo – Tarija

Bermejo is a town and municipality in the extreme south of Bolivia, located in the Department of Tarija. His original name is well of the Bermejo. It has 26.059 HAB. and is to 208 km from the city of Tarija, on the border with the Republic of Argentina.

It is an area rich in hydrocarbons (petroleum and natural gas).

Is located at 419 masl, tropical climate, with an average of 22,18 ° C and 1.200 mm of rainfall concentrated in the rainy period (November-April).

Among its main tourist attractions are the natural resorts of “The Jet”, In addition to fishing in the rivers Bermejo and Tarija.

The city is known for the sugar mill which is located in this city, and that provides much of the domestic consumption of sugar of Bolivia. A citrus-processing plant is important also in Bermejo.

Bermejo triangle

It belongs to the Aniceto Arce province of Tarija Department, It is located in the extreme south of the Department, between the geographical coordinates 22 ° 35' 24 "and 22 ° 52' 09 '' of South latitude and 64 ° 26' 30 ' and 64 ° 14' 55" West length (22° 35′24″S 64 ° 14′55″O).

Bermejo municipality boundaries are the following: to the North, with the Serranía de San Telmo and the community of Colonia Ismael Montes (San Telmo River Tarija), to the South with the Bermejo River and the Republic Argentina, to the this with the river Grande de Tarija and the Republic of Argentina, and to the West with the community of San Telmo, the Bermejo River and the Republic Argentina. The extension of the town of Bermejo is of approximately 380.90 Km2, It is divided into urban and rural area. Being their territorial occupation, the result of the coexistence of peoples and of important migratory flows. Bermejo municipality consists of nine districts; of which, five belong to the urban area (integrated by 27 neighborhoods) and four districts in the Rural area (Rice paddies, Bermejo, Candaditos and porcelain), constituted by 258 Communities.


Bermejo is located at a height of 415 masl, with an annual average temperature of 22,53 ° C; However, the climate of Bermejo is characterized by extreme temperatures: very high between September to may, reaching the 45 ° C, While between June to August temperatures down to 10 degrees.

The rainy months are concentrated between March and may, so there is a high degree of humidity. Rainy season begins in October and runs until April, with an annual rainfall of 1.323,1 mm. On the other hand, is an area with enough vegetation, fauna and flora.


Well the Bermejo - or simply Bermejo- It was officially founded the 7 December of 1952


Due to its geographical location, Bermejo is cataloged as border city, characterized by a dynamic growth, but also by a strong instability of the same. It has a high percentage of floating population. According to the “Census 2001”, has 34.937 HAB., of those who 16.956 they are women and 17.981 are males. It is projected in the management 2005, a total of 37.300 inhabitants, of those who 17.993 they would be women and 19.307 males (INE source). There is data of people with disabilities.

The population density calculated by the I.N.E. (National Institute of statistics - Bolivian-) is of 87,45 inhab. / km the 43,2% its population is classified as poor, the 31% It lies in the range of moderate poverty, the 6% in poverty and not population, there would be in a State of marginality.

Most of the employed population is located in the agricultural sector (23%), followed by workers in the services and trade sellers (22%). Unskilled workers are the 17% and the extractive industry, construction and manufacturing the 16%.


Bermejo, border with the Republic of Argentina, is located at 208 km from the city of Tarija. This region is characterized by its vegetation, ideal place for hunting and fishing. Its tourist attractions include: “the Jet” o “Gorge of the nine”, “The drawer”, attractive fishing spot, varieties of fish such as Snook, surubí, Dorado (approximately 12 kilos) and others typical of the area,.

To those who like adventure tourism have in “The drawer” the best place for sport fishing. The drawer, to 70 Bermejo km, It is one of the main attraction of the South triangle, where carried out is annually an international fishing competition, just need a motorized 4×4, Since the road up to “The drawer” It is not passed every day, However organizers share a truck for all fishermen, that leaves from the main square, at dawn on the day of the competition. It is a place very visited by people inside and the neighboring country Argentina.

Every year is the “International Regatta of the Bermejo”, the “Festival International of the Lapacho” and the great entrance Floklorica in devotion to the patron Santiago.

The tree called lapacho with its pink colored flowers, yellow and white, they constitute the plant identity of the region.

In the town stands the Botanical Garden.

SOURCE: HTTPS://Wikipedia.org


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