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The death road – Nor Yungas province


Wear light clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, lenses and Sun Hat, waterproof outerwear for rainy season; first aid with sunscreen, repellent against insects and medicine for altitude sickness.

Trekking, mountain bike rides, taking pictures, observation of flora and fauna, and nature interpretation.

Altitude 2962 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 18 OC – Max. 28 OC


The death road – Nor Yungas province

The "road of death", It is the name that is attributed to this ancient path towards the Yungas and specifically the town of Coroico. It begins in the city centre of Chuspipata, passing through the town of Unduavi, the road has a length of 28 kilometers and extends winding way through the mountainous terrain of the region as a row that fades into the horizon, was built by Paraguayan prisoners during the conflict that pitted two countries Bolivia and Paraguay brothers. It is a relatively dangerous road since it is of the 7 meters wide; also, the steep slopes, frequent landslides due to humidity and steep curves make it difficult the passage of the motorized.

Previously it was the only way to articulate to the city of La Paz with los Yungas, populations in the North of the Department of La Paz and Beni. Was built for the use of small mobility. However the need to link these populations commercially to downtown La Paz was open to the movement of high-tonnage trucks to this route becoming a risk for visitors who roamed it. Currently tourist companies conduct rides bike to the town of Yolosa this via. On this tour the visitor
enjoy the surrounding natural landscape full of vegetation - forests of ferns· and beautiful waterfalls. The most dangerous considered are the "balcony", Sacramento and San Juan, where many people lost their lives in accidents caused by the grounding of mobilities. The road is very narrow and there are deep gullies in his short and inaccessible by the extensive and dense vegetation.


Coroico – CHORO – Nor yungas

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