Billboard's film week 16 2016 -Cinemateca Boliviana – La Paz

cinemateca boliviana


Billboard's film week 16 2016 -Cinemateca Boliviana – La Paz

Thursday 14 Wednesday 20 April at the Cinemateca Boliviana.

The history of eternity (Camilo Cavalcante, 121 min.)/16:00, 19:00 (except Thu 14), 19:30 (only Thu 14), 21:30/BS.30

Load sealed (Julia Vargas Weise, 100 min.)/16:30, 19:30 (except Thu 14)/BS.30
Truman (CESC Gay, 108 min.)/19:30 (except Fri 15, Sea 19), 21:30/BS.30
The child and the world (ALE Abreu, 80 min.)/ 11:00 (only dom), 15:30, 17:30/ BS 30. Premiere
Mustang, wild beauty (Deniz Gamze Ergüven, 97min.)/ 21:30/BS.30
Boqueron (TonchyAntezana/135 m) 10:00(only sat)/, 16:00, 19:30 /BS. 30

A single weekly function

Friday of German cinema. The miracle of Berne (Sönke Wortmann, 118 min.) /Fri 15/19:30/BS.20
Wakolda (Dir. L. Puenzo, 90 min.) with the participation of N. Puenzo / Thu 14 /19:30/ Free entrance
Cinema Club: Citizen Kane (O. Welles, 119 min.)/ Sea 19/19:30/BS. 20
Special function: LEGO Star Wars / Since the 09:30/DOM 17/19:30 /Free entry to those who come in disguise

Special Programme for the day of the child / sat 16 /BS. 10

10:30 Jumanji (Dir. Joe Johnston, 104 min.)
14.30 Mary Poppins (Dir. R. Stevenson, 140 min.)
15:00 ET. the extra-terrestrial (Dir. S Spielberg, 115 min.)
16:30 Peter Pan (Disney Production, 77 min.)
17:00 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney Production, 90 min.)
18:30 Alice in the Wonderland country (Disnye Production, 77 min.)
19:00 The Lion King (Disney Production, 85 min.) BS. 10″
20:30 The boy (Dir. C. Chaplin, 68 min.)
Scheduled movies on sat 16 outside the special program Bs.30
10:00 (Boqueron Tonchy Antezana, 135 min.)
16:00 Load sealed (Julia Vargas Weise, 100 min.)
19:00 Truman (CESC Gay, 108 min.)
19:30 Boqueron (Tonchy Antezana, 135 min.)
21:30 The history of eternity (Camilo Cavalcante, 121 min.)
21:30 Mustang, wild beauty (Deniz Gamze, 97 min.)

Billboard's film week 16 2016 -Cinemateca Boliviana
Place: Fundación Cinemateca Boliviana, Oscar Soria street esq. Rosendo Gutiérrez Nro. 110
Date: Thursday 14 March-Wednesday 20 April 2016
Information: (591-2) 244 4090

Morning Bs.20
Matinee (Mon,Sea,Thu,Fri) BS.20
Matinee (Wed,sat,DOM,holidays) BS.25
Bs.25 movies
Thematic cycles Bs.20
German cycle Bs.20



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