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Center island of Suriki craft – La Paz


Warm and windy weather conditions, comfortable shoes, Hat and sunglasses; waterproof outerwear for rainy season first aid kit, with sunscreen and medications for altitude sickness.
Coordinates UTM N 8197229 – E 525858
Altitude 3838 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 4 OC – Max. 10 OC

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Center island of Suriki craft

The artisan Center of the Suriki island is located to 39 kilometers from the population of Puerto Pérez in the province Los Andes within the area of influence of the majestic Lake Titicaca, In their classrooms is exhibited a variety of handicrafts from totora which are very valued by the cultural recognition that we have of this population at the institutional level. Are there woven, ceramics and other artifacts that show the extraordinary ability of its craftsmen in the treatment of the materials which are available on the island such as stones and dyes, The craft Center has two environments, the first room presents small replicas of the transoceanic rafts as "The Kontiki", "RA I","RA II", "Tigers" and "Uru", Also shows the phases of construction of these vessels where stands the collection of stems, the drying process, fabric and tuned rafts. In the second environment you can see a variety of handicrafts made by people, How to be: gloves, scarves, Leggings, vests, sweaters among others, These tissues are made of alpaca wool, llama or sheep,
The observation of archaeological objects and the production of totora rafts, let you know some aspects of the aymara culture that still survive in the lifestyle and customs of the Islanders, Access to the island using boats departing from the towns of Huatajata, Puerto Pérez and Quehuaya, Its advisable to visit Suriki is during the dry season which includes the months of May to September.
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