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Craft Center of the island of Pariti - peace


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Warm and windy weather conditions, comfortable shoes, Hat and sunglasses; waterproof outerwear for rainy season first aid kit, with sunscreen and medications for altitude sickness.

Coordinates UTM N 8192231 – E 528103
Altitude 3826 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 4 OC – Max. 10 OC

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Centro Artesanal Pariti island

The Pariti Craft Center is located on the island of the same name, which is located at 38 kilometres of the lacustrine population of Puerto Perez. It is a museum funded by the Finnish cooperation which houses a collection of 368 archaeological pieces discovered when it was built the sports field of the island. These archaeological pieces have an extraordinary cultural value, anthropological and ethnographic, They allow to understand part of life, Customs, values and worldview of the cultures that settled there, as well as its relationship with other peoples, trade and the procedures used to access other ecological floors. The objects recovered as ceramic objects, they express in their fine designs, colors and finishes the wide cultural and artistic value of the Andean cultures settled in the region. Its history and customs are represented in their symbols and images; many of their handicrafts have been elaborate with gold laminated, they were skilled stone cutters. Their designs are important events, dates of celebration, campaigns military and sometimes the death of notables of the community. All of this, possibly it would be up to the time of expansion of Tihuanaco culture, makes approximately 1.000 years ago. The craft center boasts a security system at its different exhibition spaces. It has three main: an exhibition of ceramics and textiles; another serves for the projection of videos describing the way of life of residents and finally a room of exhibition and sale of handicrafts offered to tourists.
We recommend visiting the island during the dry season which includes the months of May to September. You must pay an income of Bs 10 per person to enter the Museum.

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