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Coca Travels Bolivia – Tourist agency

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The company

Coca Travels Bolivia – Tourist agency


The Coca Travels company mission is to meet the needs of tourists, providing quality services to its customers, providing a truthful and responsible care


Obtain us as a leader in the international market of tourist services, developing a sustainable business model, with the human resource manager, its suppliers, shareholders and potential customers, contributing positively to society and the State.


Providing a quality service, to achieve the satisfaction of our customers for their loyalty and recommendation for the growth of the company.


– Orientation to the customer

– Commitment to results

– Sustainability

– Interest in people

– Social responsibility

– Integrity

– Teamwork

– Respect for persons

– We analyze the facts and provide our opinion

– Open and honest communication

– Commitment to the community

– Responsibility and truthfulness

– First and foremost, We act with integrity

Our services

Web site:

Calle Sagarnaga 139 Marshal Santa Cruz and Murillo
Phones: +(591-2) 2462927 -2334314
Mobile: + (591) 73033129
MSN/skpe: –

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  • Salar de Uyuni – PotosiSalar de Uyuni – Potosi
    Recommendations meet the entire environment is an unforgettable activity since it has unique landscapes, However found …
  • Morning sun – PotosiMorning sun – Potosi
    This morning sun located 50 Km. South of Laguna Colorada is the sector higher region …
  • Llavica – PotosiLlavica – Potosi
    Llavica is a community next to the interior population of Aguaquiza, the people is dedicated to the cultivation of all the …
  • San Juan del Rosario – PotosiSan Juan del Rosario – Potosi
    [sphere 327] San Juan de el Rosario is a town in Bolivia, located in the municipality quilt K province …
  • Tahua – PotosiTahua – Potosi
    Tahua is a town and municipality in the southwest of Bolivia, located in the province of Daniel fields, in the Department …
  • Laguna Verde – PotosiLaguna Verde – Potosi
    Laguna Verde is a pond of water salt high Andes of Bolivia, located in the Andean Fauna national reserve …
  • Ayquepucara – PotosiAyquepucara – Potosi
    Ayquepucara is located at the foot of the Hill Thunupa, It is near the town of the same name, is a site …
  • Stone tree- PotosiStone tree- Potosi
    The stone tree which was declared a natural monument, is a geomorphological formation of type mushroom Rocky due to the …
  • Pampa Jara (Dali rocks) – Potosi
    Pampa Jara (Dali rocks) is a height of 5000 m.a.s.l., place where you can see huge rock formations …
  • Colchani – PotosiColchani – Potosi
    [sphere 327] Colchani is considered one of the most important communities in the area of Uyuni by having one …
  • Santiago de Chuvica – PotosiSantiago de Chuvica – Potosi
    Santiago de Chuvica is a population to 12 Quilt K kilometers., on the road to San Juan de Rosario, …
  • Llajtaqaqa – PotosiLlajtaqaqa – Potosi
    Llajtaqaqa is a rocky area consisting of petrified volcanic foam presenting spectacular forms, carved by the wind in the region …
  • Polques hot springs – PotosiPolques hot springs – Potosi
    The area of the cordillera of the Andes in Bolivia presents interesting geological manifestations, including volcanic activity. …
  • Coqueza Chantani – PotosiCoqueza Chantani – Potosi
    The town of Coqueza chantani is located in the municipality of Tahua, Southwest of Bolivia, located of the province …
  • Santiago de Agencha – PotosiSantiago de Agencha – Potosi
    Santiago de Agencha is another peace village located southwest of Salt Lake, which is also cultivated the …

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