La Paz

Cordillera Real – La Paz



Our itineraries are designed to obtain an acclimatization progressive. The majority of our itineraries, require only a good condition physical and capacity of adaptation. For convenience in movements, is advisable to 'travel light' and not take but you really need, in the most compact way.


Cordillera Real – La Paz

The Cordillera Real is a great tour to visit of a way different the Cordillera Real. This trekking is designed for marchers from experience that wish to admire the beauty of the Andes without need of climbing.
Are eleven days that we will allow travel the Highlands, valleys of Sorata, population colonial in whose vicinity is found caves that will interest both to tourists as to amateur to the caving, as well as the Andes and indigenous populations that still exist in traditional way on the slopes of the snow-capped peaks.




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