Feast of all Saints in Bolivia


Feast of all Saints in Bolivia

All Saints is a celebration that extends throughout the Bolivian. Its essence is marked by the arrival of the ajayus or souls of the deceased, for whom the relatives prepare a good hosting that includes the preparation of a variety of masses as the t ’ antawawas, cakes and breads shaped stairs, as well as food and beverage favorite in life for the dead.

The feast of all Saints mark in the Andean calendar jallupacha time threshold (rainy season), whose nature is essentially feminine, i.e., time of plant growth. According to the chronicler Waman Puma de Ayala story, formerly the villages of the Andean world took their dead from the so-called pukullos or vaults to give them to eat and drink.

They wore them with their best clothes, They sang and danced with them. This way of celebrating the feast of the dead has undergone cultural with the passing of time; However, the essence of the aymara worldview is still with waiting for the souls. For this culture death is assumed as a natural phenomenon that is part of human existence, is called jaqi samana or the rest of the person.

Currently the t ’ antawawas are the physical representation of the deceased; stairs of bread are used to raise and lower the llajtaymanta (What above – the sky), the cross as a means of Christianization; crowns and/or pillus as element of prestige and status of the deceased; garlands of flowers and ribbons of purple in the tombs and altars as an offering.


The tradition says that souls come every year, each 1 November, to the 12 in point, and in this world to be the next day at the same time. Many times come incarnated in flies or other insects that perch and give laps up food from the altar. This day the door should remain open and it must ensure all night.

Families gather around the table offering where to eat, drink, acullican (they chew coca), they smoke and pray. During the vigil elders tell about the adventures that happened the late when he was alive, from time to time meals and drinks expressing are available: Alma purakaparux sirwt ’ asinani (We will serve at the pleasure of the ajayu).




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