Chaguaya Church – Tarija

Chaguaya Church

Chaguaya Church



Chaguaya Church – Tarija

It is located next to the river Camacho, the Department of Tarija province Maple, to 14 kilometers to the West of Padcaya.

The current Sanctuary has been declared national monument by law of the Republic of 11 February's 1993, in the Government of the SCI. Jaime Paz Zamora.

The construction of the ancient temple home in 1910 by the priest Juan Aparicio, It was completed with 2 towers and 3 seven years after ships, under the direction of Martín Villanueva and the diligence of the dynamic father Columba Puccetti (1867 – 1939) Pastor of Chaguaya. On the central ridge of its front wearing an iron cross of 2,50 m donated by the fervent Catholic Don Aurelio Arce Zamora.

It was inaugurated the 30 August of 1917 in a solemn ceremony, with the presence of the father, Zeferino Butelli, Guardian of the convent of Franciscan of Tarija and groomsmen knives Ichazo and his wife Mercedes Paz Rojas.

The current sanctuary with its construction of stone from the place started the 15 may of 1953. From 1960 until its completion in 1968, the direction of the work was conducted by Rafael Camponovo Toussaint

His formidable stone facade, It is a beautiful stained glass window donated by the Franciscan father Constantino Noci, of Italy. Above the stained glass are the bell towers and at the peak of the Santa Cruz.

In front of the temple, It has a wide Esplanade with runners to the sides with a slab floor, pillars and 20 carved stone arches. The Esplanade is used for processions and runners serve as devout pilgrims hostel.

Inside, the temple has 28 meters long and 13 meters wide, floor mosaic and arches of hewn stone galleries, 5 behind the altar and 24 side.

The party

The feast of the Virgin of Chaguaya starts the 15 August (day of the Virgin) up to the 6 September (Closure) with solemn masses and processions.

During the party, in tents or houses next to the temple, the famous chirriadas are sold, honey and sugar cane juice, and regional food.



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