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Warm and windy weather conditions, comfortable shoes, Hat and sunglasses; waterproof outerwear for rainy season first aid kit, with sunscreen and medications for altitude sickness.

Coordinates UTM N 8192420 – E 527974
Altitude 3826 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 4 OC – Max. 10 OC


Island Pariti

Pariti is the name of the island that is located on the lower Lake Titicaca Lake, called "Wiñay Marka" which translated from the aymara language means "Eternal city". This island is located to 37 kilometers away from the town of Puerto Perez is known by local residents through the enigmatic and mystical power that emanates from it. It is part of the Group of Islands South of the sacred Lake. Included in the ceremonial complex of Andean peoples whose vital center was in the island of the Sun.
Pariti found a great archeological dating of the year 900 to 1050 to. c., Presumably they had formed part of the Tiahuanaco culture. Fine ceramics has figures of wild animals like Tigers, monkeys, etc.; something that makes you think that this site was a ceremonial center that came come from other towns located beyond the Andes originating.
The found vestiges stands the Lord of los Patos, which is one of the most notable parts of the extraordinary exhibition that is on display in the Museum located on the island. To enter to Pariti is necessary to take a boat from the population of Quehuaya that dock near the forest of cattails. In the environment is perceived a strange sensation of the presence of forces telluric or cosmic. The island consists of a rocky Crag of 1 and a half kilometres long approximately with variable heights.
From the top you can admire a beautiful landscape of Lake Titicaca. coming to observe the island of Suriki, the tombs of Quehuaya and the shore adjacent to the neighboring country of the Peru. Its advisable to visit the area is the dry season, which includes the months of May to September


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