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Island Quehuaya


Warm and windy weather conditions, comfortable shoes, Hat and sunglasses; waterproof outerwear for rainy season first aid kit, with sunscreen and medications for altitude sickness.
Coordinates UTM N 8194025 – E 530518
Altitude 3832 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 4 OC – Max. 10 OC


Island Quehuaya

The Quehuaya island is located in the lower Lake Titicaca Lake. It is also called "Kalauta", which means "Stone house" aymara language, called thus by the location of the archaeological site. It is a geological formation with a deep cosmological significance in native peoples.
Quehuaya has a shape that resembles a language linked by an embankment. It stand out more than twenty buildings made in stone by way of towers which are known with the name of "Kayun Amaya", "Quqa Wati" and "Yacancachi"; they do not have even archaeological studies that determine with certainty the role fulfilled. Presumably it was a ceremonial place is where performed rituals of Thanksgiving and petition to the Andean gods since it is considered that in this site the telluric forces that provide and protect life cover. This hypothesis relates to designs, the orientation of architectural constructions and materials. Likewise in the few remains found at the site are work instruments, ceramics and household objects. The residents of the island, they are also the custodians of the archaeological site. Its productive activity is fishing, being their primary means of subsistence, in the same way the handicrafts made with totora. Warns the scarce presence of farmers in the area. Its advisable to visit the area is the dry season, which includes the months of May to September.


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