La Paz

Island Suriki – La Paz


Warm and windy weather conditions, comfortable shoes, Hat and sunglasses; waterproof outerwear for rainy season first aid kit, with sunscreen and medications for altitude sickness.
Coordenadas UTM N 8194025 – E 530518
Altitude 3832 m.a.s.l..
Temperatura Mín. 4 OC – Max. 10 OC


Island Suriki

The island of Suriki is to 39 kilometres of the lacustrine population of Puerto Perez and is located in the lower of the Titicaca Lake, denominado Wiñay Marka que significa “Ciudad Eterna”. Suriki es conocido a nivel mundial por la tecnología utilizada en la fabricación de balsas de totora y reconocida como sitio turístico por su cultura desarrollada en torno a esos saberes. According to the remains found in the area and the evidence developed in the production of these vessels, possibly the navigators of the island Suriki managed to know them technical precise for get the consistency, texture, design and weight appropriate in the construction of totora rafts; knowledge that were inherited from their ancestors. Currently Limachi brothers and Katari family are who jealously keep the knowledge and technology for the manufacture of rafts that have capacity to make crossings on the high seas. In recent years designed and built boats such as the RA II,Titi and Kotamama III who crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore said that these rafts are transoceanic ships since the Andean man would have sailed in the ancient lakes of the altiplano from remote times, and can reach to other continents. In addition to the ethnographic and archaeological wealth of the island, There is also its natural charm, from there the view of Lake Titicaca is incomparable, Noting on the horizon several islands and villages located on its shores.
Despite having not been archaeologically explored in its entirety, It is presumed that in this site were performed various ceremonial acts that included offerings to the Dios Sol and the Moon. Suriki are performed based on reeds and wood crafts, are also decorative ornaments inspired by the wildlife in the area and small boats from totora, thus also, You can see replicas in miniature of the ships that crossed the Atlantic.


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