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Myths and legendsSanta Cruz

The Jichi – Santa Cruz

"To explain what the jichi should first of all take the path that leads to the times of make naupas and enter the account", in this case partial, of how the ancestors of the earthling lineage, ancient inhabitants of the plain. People of parvos requirement and no greater scope, the region that served them burglary was not them very generous, neither provided them easily all the goods necessary for their subsistence.

To discuss the main elements of life; the water was not plentiful in the region. In the dry season were reduced and they were days in which it was difficult to get it. So in the fields of Grigotá, in the sierra de Chiquitos and the dilated surrounding vegas this.

That is why those primitive aborigines put delicate attention to keep it, as a gift of divine powers, and have supposed the existence of a supernatural being responsible for his custody. This being was the Jichi.

It is myth shared by mojos, chanes and chiquitos to this Genius aquae Paisano lived mostly in the natural deposits of liquid element. To have you satisfied and well aquerenciado you had to worship him and pay him certain offerings.

The Spaniards of the recent settlement in the Earth collected version and consented in the myth, with little or no qualms. With greater reason their Creole descendants, so inseparable with mother earth as the own aborigines, and especially if they have some drops of the blood of these veins.

Like all mythical being Zoomorphic, the jichi does not belong to any known species of terrestrial or aquatic animals and classes. Half snake and half lizard, as they argue that pride themselves on experts, It has the slim and oblong and flat body, rubbery appearance and hyaline color that makes you confused with the waters within which dwells. It has a long, narrow, flexible tail that helps agile movements and short and plump limbs finished nails linked by membranes.

Living at the bottom of Lakes, puddles and madrejones, It is very rare for the time that is left to see, and that very quickly and only from that low the twilight.

We must not make improper use of the waters, or spend them too much, because the jichi deteriorates and can disappear. Aquatic plants growing in his dwelling should not be boot, of tarope up, or set aside the pochi graniculos which cover its surface. When this has been done, Despite the traditional prohibitions, the liquid begins to undermine, and does not stop until you. This means that the jichi has left."