Lake Poopó – Oruro

lake Poopó


Length 84 km
Surface 2337 km²
Volume 4,02 km³
Maximum width 55 km
Average depth: 2,4 m
Maximum: 5 m
Altitude 3686 m
Drainage area 16 343 km²
2greater Lake of Bolivia and 2nd on the altitude of the large lakes of South America


Lake Poopó – Oruro

Lake Poopo basin, characteristic flat, It is located at 3.686 metres above the sea with a mirror on high water level of up to 310 Km2. It is the second Lake in Bolivia. The 2003 It was recognized as a RAMSAR site for the quality of the ecosystem that has for the preservation of the biodiversity of high Andean fauna.

Poopo Lake is a lake that moves according to the volume of water that captures, during the rainy period and based on contributions coming from river Desaguadero and Marquez. Easily accessed by the town of Huari (The banks of the Lake). Lake Poopó, has impact on the agricultural activities, livestock and fish populations of lake Poopó, Pazña, Aullagas. It presents a wonderful landscape in which Andean flamingos, wild ducks, flamingos, other.

Updated news the 14/12/2015

Considered the second largest lake in Bolivia, After Lake Titicaca, Poopo practically disappeared. Which formerly housed a variety of flora and fauna, unique in its kind, today is dry and its surroundings there is thousands of fish and other dead animals.

This was confirmed by the latest newspaper La Patria, on Friday paid a visit to lake Poopó, located in the canton of Untavi in the municipality of Toledo of the Department of Oruro.

Lake, some years ago was a source of income for several fishing families in the region, ended up dry. Currently the only place there is a vast salt desert.

"Lake Poopó had the following dimensions: 84 kilometers long, by 55 wide, what amounts to a surface of 4.620 kilometers square and from the air is now observed a mirror of water reduced to a minimum, It seems only a puddle in the middle of miles and miles of desert land", designates the homeland.

Adds that the community of Untavi, It used to be a town with enough activity, due to the fish wealth that existed, today happened to be a silent population with a minimum percentage of community members.

TESTIMONY as reported the latest morning, Some settlers passing through the central square, Noting the presence of visitors, they began to relate the sad situation they are living, from the environmental disaster occurred in November of 2014, when millions of fish died, lake Poopó did not accommodate aquatic species.

This led to the majority of families to migrate to other populations and some even chose to go looking for better luck to neighbouring countries, as Chile. While, those that remained working in livestock, Although there is a minimal amount in the sector.

The Outlook is bleak. Where another off the shore of the Lake still observed some boats, something resected by the Sun. There are also remains of dead birds and fish, product of the disaster in November last year.

The authority originally from Untavi, Valerio Rojas, He said that it is incredible to believe that the lake dried up completely in less than two months, because there were still waters until September.

He asserted that the Lake was converted into a huge desert where not even the possibility of plant food, nor raising animals, only they can rescue place clay.

ALERT mentioned that departmental and environmental authorities are alerted, with respect to the location of the Lake, "but they didn't have a case".

Called the dredging of the Desaguadero River left arm so the Lake feed, but unfortunately was not performed any task. “Expectations are few to return the Lake, because we believe that it will never be like before, so apparently only it is to migrate in search of jobs”, added.

He explained that for geographic features having lake Poopó tends to decrease the water mirror in some time and fill up completely after 50 years, but emphasized that never was completely dried up as it is now.




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