La Paz

National Museum of Natural history – La Paz



As reach from the Centre of the city of the peace

Minibus lines: 394, 257, 201, 239, 343, 243, 905, 800, 282, 385, 905 and 844
Bus lines: 42, 44, 21, 155
Trufi: Line to Cota Cota © National Museum of Natural history – MNHN
Street 26 dimension dimension (Ovid Suarez)
Box no. 8706
Phone and Fax: 591 -2- 2795364
La Paz - Bolivia

Altitude 3650 masl
Temperature Min. 5 C – Max. 23 C


National Museum of Natural history – La Paz

This museum was created in 1980 the national Academi of Sciences of Bolivia. And from the restoration of the Executive branch in 1993, through a Constitution .

The objective of this museum is to preserve the natural history of Bolivia, the development and preservation of wildlife past and present of Bolivia.

In addition to this museum encourages young people today are interested in the history of our country and its main resources, flora and fauna.


Ingavi province

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