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Population of Laja – La Paz


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Wear light clothing for the day and sheltered for the night, comfortable shoes, lenses and Sun Hat; first aid kit with sunscreen and medicine for altitude sickness.
Coordinates UTM N 8170489 – E 568187
Altitude 3939 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 3 OC – Max. 18 OC

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Population of Laja

The population of Laja has been declared a national monument, Since it was the first Foundation of the city of La Paz by the Spanish Captain Alonso de Mendoza, the 20 October of 1548. The Act of Foundation was written by Juan de Vargas. It is referred to as "City of our Lady of La Paz", being subsequently transferred to the "Chuquiago Marka" hoyada, specifically to the neighborhood's current "Churubamba" Alonso de Mendoza City Centre area. Stand out in the village, the church built in 1545 and Calvary; bordering the square can be found on display and for sale, handicraft products such as "chullus" or blankets, ponchos, aguayos, scarves and blankets, made with traditional techniques, under colors and symbols representing the Andean cultures. Currently takes place in this population different representations of the Foundation of La Paz, recreated in the main square the 20 October in honor of the founding of the city.

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