La Paz

Temple Colonial punishments – La Paz


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Wear light clothing for the day and sheltered for the night, comfortable shoes, lenses and Sun Hat; first aid kit with sunscreen and medicine for altitude sickness.

Coordinates UTM N 8201020 – E 557556
Altitude 4001 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 2 OC – Max. 15 OC

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Temple Colonial punishments

The Church of penalties is located in the town of the same name near the main square. The colonial-style chapel was declared a national monument the 31 July of 1986. The temple as a whole is of Renaissance origin. Its first building corresponds to the year 1560 (Vilela. 1948). It was remodeled in 1611 to accommodate the Virgin's Nativity or "Our Lady of Sorrows", her feast is celebrated the 8 September. The structure of this Church consists of a nave, fronted cover which protects the ornamentation. The gable roof is supported by two thick walls that stretch along the construction; While the ornamentations of the Baroque mestizo late in the jambs and the Arch of the main entrance. Rises above the header a tracery which houses a window in which the figure of the Virgin's Nativity is located. In addition are two towers that were built during the 20th century. In the interior of the convent, you will also see the presence of the High Altar bathed in gold leaf and the altarpiece, It houses three sculptures of the Virgin del Carmen; It is a representation of the devil tempting the Indians in their dances and parties, as well as other images where the missionary preaching in the Altiplano context are held.


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