Volcano Licancabur – Potosi


Knowing the entire environment is an unforgettable activity since it has unique landscapes, However found at high altitudes between 3600 up to 5000 height Mt, away from cities , with limited services and difficult paths, It is necessary to consider the following recommendations.

The kind of places they should take the following:
– Sunscreen
– Small cut tickets
– Sleeping bag
– Personal first aid kit
– Sunglasses
– Trouses long
– T-shirts long sleeves
– Warm clothes
– Gloves
– Flashlight
– Cream for lips
– Cream for hands and face
– Wool Hat
– Torque Cap Sun
– Scarf
– Hiking boots

Note.- Take care of your backpacks and always attentive to anything.

Altitude 4000 – 5000 masl
Temperature Min. -10 C – Max. 20 C


Volcano Licancabur – Potosi

The Licancabur volcano is located in the Western mountain range at an altitude of 5960 masl, zealous guardian who guards the Green lagoon. At the top of the volcano is a depression as a crater covered in water of the same tone of Laguna Verde. The place encourages the practice of mountain scale. By geological features, biological, mesotermicas and medium environmental of the volcano have similarity with those of the planet Mars, It is currently subject of studies performed by nasa, reason by which highlights more even the importance of the volcano.


The mystery of the crystal ball


This history begins to write is-at least in what is known- en 1995 When a group of scientists and archaeologists came up to the crater of Licancabur volcano, some 40 KMS. of San Pedro, right on the boundary between Bolivia and Chile. Its mission was to analyse different Inca ceremonial centers that there are, In addition to diving in the lagoon in the Centre of the crater to search for possible offerings and archaeological remains to your enquiry.


To everyone's surprise, one of the members of the expedition, Henry Garcia, experienced diver who worked for years with the French scientist Jacques Costeau, submerged in the lagoon and it came out bringing in their hands a perfect glass sphere. Astonished, all observed ball, but when exposed to the Sun this suddenly burned the hands of Garcia and the area again fell at the Lake, without being able to find it again.


To the lower with this story, No one in San Pedro was indifferent to the narration and began weaving theories and hypothesis that spilled into the news and headlines of the time throughout the country. There was talk of aliens; Exchange with Mayan and Aztec cultures; a witch white that would have abandoned the glass, among others.


But what is this ball?? What is their origin?? Where is it today?


As for centuries has been made, in the 2000 a group of people climbed to the top of the Licancabur to make a payment to the Earth by the turn of the Millennium and thank a good harvest, the birth of a son, and after good news. the Group was composed by people who had already been a few times at the Summit and others who climbed for the first time. Why the pace of the Group was not even and some were faster than others. Also the leader of the Group was going to the head and another person with experience closing line. When you upload at high altitudes your body and its gases have to conform to the new pressure, It is lowest as you raise. That's when the gases in your body want to leave to try to equate the differences in pressures that occur. Obviously this did not like very much who closed the row. Then at some point he decided to leave the Group, take an alternative route and go at your own pace. So it was that he came to the Summit about 45 minutes before the rest of the Group. Decided to walk towards an apacheta that is in the side Chilean (the Summit of the volcano is border between Chile and Bolivia), you made your payment to the Earth and as yet had time, I ventured down to the lagoon of the volcano, some 60 meters below. Once on the shores of the Lake, touched their water, He ran it and found some carved bones, Surely the past offerings. Suddenly a wind blew strong, moving water and something caught his attention. It was the area that was shining, each 50 CMS under water. Them last years the rainfall in the area had decreased quite, making that the waters of the crater of the Licancabur lowered considerably. He picked up the ball and was reunited with the rest of the group that began to arrive at the Summit. Had the ball in his pocket. What happened beyond up was as a collective catharsis. The excitement of this finding, all the stories surrounding the sphere, standing near the sky and the Sun led to a rare scene. Several were the sphere that passed through their bodies, rubbing is it by the chest, head and legs. Something curious took place there up too. One of the members of the Group wore a small digital camera and twice tried to burn the field, but at the moment approach, battery died mysteriously.


Once down, with the ball in his possession happened some things that don't have much explanation. A few days of having returned from that expedition to the Summit of the Licancabur, a researcher of UFOs topics appeared in the village accompanied by the NASA people. Also to the little time appeared in the area of Calama the famous Chupacabras, attacking and killing several animals, leaving them 2 holes in the neck and dry on the inside, without a drop of blood. Curious, not?.


But good, Let's look at the history of the area. How did the top of the Licancabur? where does it come from?


According to one of the protagonists of this story, who found and fell the Licancabur sphere the 2000, that ball has its origins in Brazil. So. Another of the many strange things that happened was a "mystical" visit. A month have fallen to the sphere, After the visit of the NASA and the Chupacabra, a woman comes to the House of our character to tell his story. At the end of the 80 a White Witch lived in San Pedro. She had bought a large crystal of quartz in Brazil, a Crystal blank, He took Switzerland to Polish it and make a crystal ball for their works of magic and healing. She brought the ball to Chile, where he decided to leave it because it had already completed a cycle with the sphere. Was time of that other person it had. For the incas the tops of hills and volcanoes were sacred places, especially due to the proximity to the God Inti, the Sun. In effect, in the top of the Licancabur is near 17 different ceremonial constructions. The volcano was the ideal place to leave this area and offer it.


There are still people who doubt this version. Above all is questioning how was possible that a woman from near 60 years or older had uploaded the single Licancabur, No company or help.


If you ask to your guide, Surely you will find new versions of this history that continues with its end open. Where is the ball now?




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