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EventsLa Paz

cultural and civic activities in tribute to the fiestas julias 2018

Peace/AMN.- In these days leading up to a new anniversary by the revolution of the 16 July of 1809, the mayor offers a cultural and civic agenda for all citizens, explained the Municipal Secretary of culture, Andres ago Zaratti.

"The entire month we actually have more than 130 cultural activities in the month of July, are different offers that are within the framework of the peace Capital Iberoamericana of cultures and that at the same time intermingled with activities Protocol of the 15 and 16 July, which seeks to enhance the civic fervor of the La Paz", designated authority.

Thursday activities

It's him 42 anniversary Cinemateca Boliviana and there will be a special event to the 19.00 in its facilities.

To the 19.30 will be the inauguration of the 16 Festival international vignettes with height in the modest Theater Sanjinés, an event organized by the Association vignettes with height.

Will take place the inauguration of Patunka Suxtani Enkuentro of short theatre and drama in the Chamber Theatre at the 19.30. The activity is a platform of the theatre of the underworld and will conclude the 30 July.

In the Municipal Theatre of Alberto Saavedra-Perez, Since the 19.30, the musicians Andy Burnett, Teresa Morales and others, they will give a concert tribute to Gladys Moreno and a hymn to peace.

Friday 13

To the 10.00 the unveiled Board nomination and commemorative plaques and bust will be held at the Juan Francisco Bedregal roundabout, in the area of Llojeta.

In the night, to the 19.30, the tribute will be announced to the world day of Rock in the Municipal Theatre Cinema 6 August, with a tribute to the Australian band AC/DC and with the special presence of Octavia.

Saturday 14

A new anniversary of the interactive space of memory and future Pipiripi will be held, admission is free for all of 10.00 to 17.00.

Sunday 15

Traditional acts Protocol will begin with the reading of the proclamation of the revolution Board in Casa de Murillo (Calle Jaén) to the 17.00. Then is will give way to the parade of torches from the museo Casa de Murillo to paseo El Prado.

While authorities and institutions parade through downtown La Paz, to the 18.00 It will start the traditional dance in the middle of avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz.

The celebration will feature the participation of the Argentine Association of cumbia Jambao and the Bolivian young Bonny Lovy, the music of the ' 70s will be present with Loving Darks and Luz de America, Manuel Monroy Chazarreta El Papirri La Paz icon will perform their best compositions, There will be folk with Huayna Wila and ozone and to the sound of the drum, Great Matador will present a unique show and the song 'I am La Paz', composed of the Mayor's Office to highlight the local pride.

"We invite all the people to be part of the activities that the Municipal Government is offering in these days leading up to the" 209 anniversary of our revolution. It should be noted that on Sunday 15 There will be the Dominical fair of cultures precisely by the celebrations that we have and which will return the next 22 ", concluded ago Zaratti.

Source: AMN