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Welcome to the 2016 in the interactive space Pipiripi



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Welcome to the 2016 in the interactive space Pipiripi – La Paz

With good luck illas, a “Garden of desires", 12 grapes at midnight, party & Fireworks, for the first time the interactive space Pipiripi will open its doors the night of the 31 December to receive the 2016. The Mayor's Office seeks a family celebration since end of year holidays offers do not take into account children and older adults.

“The municipal government has been determined to make the celebration called wonderful new year. Since the 21:30 of the 31 (of December) up to the 0:30 of the 1 in January of 2016 We are going to enable the interactive memory space and future Pipiripi (Laikakota front) to develop activities of hosting the 2016 ", municipal Secretary of culture, Andres ago Zaratti.

He clarified that this activity is linked to the policy of the municipal management generate spaces for the integration and participation of all members of the family of La Paz. Spaces for the enjoyment of children will be set up for this purpose, young, adults and the elderly.

“There will be music live. We will have the presence of group memories alive for our seniors; Nena Zeballos and the La Kupula group for all dads and moms; and a disco and karaoke with music of fashion for the younger", said authority.

The kids will present a show of clowns, wizards, storytelling. In addition it will be installed “a garden of desires"to make your requests for 2016.

Traditions and new year traditions will also have specially equipped places. The Festival attendees can eat the 12 grapes to make a wish for each month, climbing stairs with luggage, counting money, provide and hug loved ones.

“We will also install a space of ceramic that will advance a little the Alasita. There people can perform an illa (amulet) you summarize the good fortune is hoping to achieve in 2016 ", explained.

Ago Zaratti clarified that if well activity will take “zero alcohol", families may enter the premises with a bottle of cider or champagne for the traditional midnight toast. In addition there will be a special for food sector.

Activity, that has an investment edil closely 200.000 Bolivian, expected to participate more of 3.000 people who will appreciate at midnight 15 minutes of fireworks.

“We want to work two themes: the gratitude for the good things that has happened in this 2015 "and dream in everything we want and hope for next year and that it is all in the family", ended ago Zaratti.

New year 2016

Luggage families who want to travel must climb the stairs with luggage.

You should eat grapes to midnight 12 grapes asking a desire for each month.

Money to have a prosperous year in finance should be counting tickets at midnight and put one large-denomination in the right shoe.

Hugs for young singles looking for couple is of good omen to give the first hug a person of the opposite sex.

Toast for good luck, the toast must have a gold ring into the Cup.



The ticket must be purchased from reception:
To access the interactive memory space and future "Pipiripi", the rate is only one of 3 BS.


Space interactive memory and future "Pipiripi", It is located in the Central urban park, account with:
Phone 2652353
Contacts: Sergio Rios Hennings, Responsible for the interactive space of memory and future "Pipiripi", has email


The interactive memory space and future "PIPIRIPI" is open at the following times:
Wednesday-Friday from 09:30 to 12:30 and in the afternoon of 15:00 to 18:30
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 18:30

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