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A destination for travelers that seek to enrich your spirit, pursue a contact cultural, are interested in depth by nature, vibrate with the mystery of an adventure and all under the welcoming hospitality of their inhabitants who in many places still retain their more ancestral customs and traditions.

In Bolivia, it is possible to enjoy attractions of unrivaled natural beauty as the Salar de Uyuni and the lagoons of colors, mosaics of incredible biological diversity as the Madidi National Park, the Pantanal and the Bolivian Amazon, contrasting landscapes in the Cordillera Real of the Andes, the Cordillera de Apolobamba, and the sacred mystical and enigmatic Titicaca Lake qu albergo in its bosom a culture more longeva of Latin America: Tiwanku.

A conjunction of nature, living culture and valuable architecture can be seen in the Jesuit missions of Chiquitos, Trinidad, pre-Hispanic hills land; and the Tropic of Cochabamba. To which is added an important historical legacy carefully preserved in the cities of Sucre and Potosí.

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Office in La Paz – Bolivia

Calle Sagarnaga No.. 316 corner Linares
Telf: (591-2) 2318287
Cel.: (591-2) 77707032 – 72507032


♣ Climbing to Huayna Potosí
♣ Trekkin Choro, Pre Inca Trail
♣ Chacaltaya and Valle de la Luna
♣ Coroico (Yungas) 2d / 1n
♣ City Tour night
♣ Biking to Coroico Full Day
♣ Lake Titicaca mystical and sacred
♣ Tiwanaku
♣ Salar de Uyuni

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