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Fourth Municipal section of the José Carrasco province, in the Department of Cochabamba; Chimoré name derives from the native Yuracaré language, which means tree hard or Almendrillo. Has an area of 2817 km2 and an altitude of 225 m.a.s.l..


13 September of 1984, during the Presidency of Hernán Siles Zuazo; using the law 633


It consists of a warm and rainy climate year-round, taking a more intense rainy season (November to April).


[WP-svg-icons icon =”compass” wrap =”i”] FROM COCHABAMBA

From Cochabamba to Chimore, the distance is of 192 km and the approximate duration of the journey is of 4 hours, take the stop transport chapare: corner of Calle Oquendo 9 April.

[WP-svg-icons icon =”compass” wrap =”i”] FROM SANTA CRUZ

From Santa Cruz to Chimore, the distance is of 284 km and the approximate duration of the journey is of 5 hours.

[WP-svg-icons icon =”airplane” wrap =”i”] AIRPORT

The international airport of Chimoré, at the epicenter of the region tropic, It was inaugurated the 17 October of 2015 with the name "sovereignty, It is one of the most modern airport terminals in the country. The Airport offers commercial flights of the state airline Boliviana de Aviacion (BOA), one output and one arrival days Wednesday and Friday. Is the only direct connection to Cochabamba.

Source: Chimoré municipality

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