Psychological clinic

The decision to seek professional help not always is easy, Neither is taken quickly, most of the times responds to a process by which you're aware, little by little, of the mere passing of days does not bring you the solution.


In some cases, the visit to the psychologist comes when you are truly wrong and the limitations in your daily life are more than significant. Perhaps you do not like hearing what I am about to tell you, but it goes beyond:


"Not always can you only, you don't have to know why everything"


In the same way that remain for months with recurrent pain in the stomach (without being able to eat) and without going to the doctor, doesn't make much sense, Neither has it endure the emotional pain no more.


Application of psychological tests
Therapy for children, adolescents and adults
Psychological care

Relaxation therapies
Family therapy
Emotional conflicts, personal and couple
Affective-emotional problems
Problems with depression, anxiety and insecurity
Behavior problems
Learning problems
Self-esteem issues

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