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La PazMyths and legends

Ghosts in the Hospital of clinics of La Paz


“The proximity of the Hospital of the thorax to the morgue is its avatar and its seal. Irrelevant to most of the staff of the evening and overnight shifts, but not for those who work at night, especially nurses.
One of them, Wilma Huanapaco, in charge of the intensive care room on the first floor of the building, will never forget what happened on Saturday 4 August.

Five minutes before two in the morning of that day, Huanapaco transcribed, as every night, the report of the State of the patients, whose delicate situation does not allow any mistake.

Immediately, a sudden heaviness invaded environment and the nurse's body was paralyzed. Neither arms nor legs, not even his eyelids responded. Desperation led her to make one greater effort to be able to turn around. At that moment he saw a tall man, outlined by an aura of an olive green and headless. Although the figure disappeared at the moment, the sensation of immobility remained for several seconds more.

"The only thing they knew was that she was awake", later reported their partners, Some even disbelieving to the experience of Huanapaco, for whom the apparitions are, After all, normal, Since he claims to have contact with this type of phenomena from nina.

But this nurse is not the only one who sees apparitions in the Hospital of the thorax, or thus decapitated the first arising.

In fact, the halls still tells the story of a man who nightly walks through the gardens next to the hospital due to the morgue. Although some have christened it with the name of the Headless Horseman, It has no relationship with the story by Washington Irving.

So strong is the presence of this man without a face, as of a mother charged with your child who has put hairs tipped to more than one nurse in the section known as pensioners, on the second floor of the hospital, that is where wealthy patients are hospitalized and where until a few years ago was transferred to people in delicate State.

"It appears in complete silence, visit some rooms, stops against any person in particular, the notes and then disappears", is the matching account of those who have lived firsthand the presence of the so-called mother of the retired.

A few steps from the thorax is the Hospital de Clínicas, also known as General, the most ancient complex of Miraflores and also the city of La Paz.

They passed thousands of people through its long corridors, among physicians, nurses and patients, some of whose spirits refuse to leave the place. This don Eloy Ticona da record, the hospital Porter and who every night, during 25 years, It runs along the old structure from end to end.

One night a year not reminiscent of don Eloy, the figure of a woman of high stature and fine porte appeared in the garden. "Do Doña Mercedes?"", He asked don Eloy hoping to find an answer from the thin Lady whom he mistook for a nurse who worked at the time.

At that moment, the mysterious woman came out of the garden, It took the Hall and away to slow pace toward a room where rested some patients. The game goalkeeper followed her and entered the room almost behind women, but found nothing, that was corroborated by a patient who was awake and saw not enter anyone.
Since then, many of these occurrences have unnerved the nights of don Eloy, whom, However, He has abandoned his fear give way to curiosity. There are innumerable opportunities in which the black lady has reappeared and some already know her as the widow of General.

Senior officials from these and other hospitals ensure that these appearances are souls of people who died leaving something pending.

That the case of the figure of a nurse's Blue Coat that has made the ramps of the children's Hospital your preferred place of evening stroll.

Those who have seen it say that it is the spirit of a former officer of the hospital, that appreciation and dedication for children still maintains it with them. In this respect, some officials say that infants have not forgotten your favorite nurse.

One of these people is the current head of the Neonatology Service, Teresa Aguilar, who in their 20 years of work in this hospital had never lived an experience as of four years ago.

Was a night in which routine visit by the rooms ride was interrupted by a few elusive laughs of children one floor up. Believing that a group of their small patients had decided to start a round of games in the dark, came up silently tried to surprise them.

While most approached stronger were the laughs. Without thinking twice and to two tiers of the indicated floor snapped a cry, but there was no one.

An intense cold shook her from head to toe and the sensation of immobility seized his body for a few seconds. "I'm crazy", She said to herself as convinced of not listening to the multitudinous voices. The uncertainty ended the next day when the Concierge asked him, in a tone of claim, to control their children because they had laughed all night.

Although there are not many people today say that hear voices and laughter of children in the hospital, officials say that its small visitors all day roam the halls.
Responsible for pharmacy of the afternoon shift does not explain why some of the boxes of medicines appear cluttered whenever he leaves the place for some time.”