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FREEBIKES Mountain Biking – Tour


Welcome to the heart of South America BOLIVIA! on this trip we are sure will catch them by the beauty and charm of our lands, those who have had the luck of being born in this land, We can proudly say that we live in a very rich of a varied geography country: Since in the perceived different ecological floors of mountain ranges, You punas and inter-Andean valleys, and meso-thermal suede making room to dense rainforests and thus the Amazon.

Add to this valuable natural resources that emerge from our mines, farmland and oil fields, We have several sites declared Oral and Intangible world heritage by the United Nations education science and culture.
To these are added the huge Salar de UYUNI, the Jesuit missions, ancient living cultures, National parks, where a variety of tourist attractions that are waiting to be discovered and promoted properly concentrate.

Enjoy the adventure of exploring remote corners where can revel in the exquisite combination of colors, flavors, smells and textures that characterize us, and to leave a lasting memory in his mind.
I invite you to know our large ecosystems, multi-ethnic, multicultural and Hispanic colonial so alive in our various circuits our history; and soon they complemented with new destinations.
BOLIVIA awaits your visit are welcome!!

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Coroico – CHORO – Nor yungas

Lake Titicaca – Copacabana



  • Laguna Verde – PotosiLaguna Verde – Potosi
    Laguna Verde is a pond of water salt high Andes of Bolivia, located in the Andean Fauna national reserve …
  • Necropolis of manors Lipez – PotosiNecropolis of manors Lipez – Potosi
    Necropolis of the manors Lipez (1250 to the 1532 d.d.C.), It is a group of pre-Incan tombs with appearance of …
  • Salar de Chalviri – PotosiSalar de Chalviri – Potosi
    The Salar de Chalviri is located in the central part of the area has a surface of 1000 Km., …
  • Santiago de Chuvica – PotosiSantiago de Chuvica – Potosi
    Santiago de Chuvica is a population to 12 Quilt K kilometers., on the road to San Juan de Rosario, …
  • Bedspread K – PotosiBedspread K – Potosi
    Quilt K is a town and municipality in the East of Bolivia, capital of the Nor Lípez province in the …
  • Tomas Laqa – PotosiTomas Laqa – Potosi
    Tomas Laqa is a set of peculiar rock formations worn by wind forces. Its peculiarity lies in addition in the …
  • Santiago de Agencha – PotosiSantiago de Agencha – Potosi
    Santiago de Agencha is another peace village located southwest of Salt Lake, which is also cultivated the …
  • Mallku Villamar – PotosiMallku Villamar – Potosi
    This community belongs to the municipality of Concha K. being its original name Mallku cave, the cave located in the …
  • Morning sun – PotosiMorning sun – Potosi
    This morning sun located 50 Km. South of Laguna Colorada is the sector higher region …
  • Llajtaqaqa – PotosiLlajtaqaqa – Potosi
    Llajtaqaqa is a rocky area consisting of petrified volcanic foam presenting spectacular forms, carved by the wind in the region …
  • Lakaya – PotosiLakaya – Potosi
    It is a place of ruins, considered one of the most important pre-Columbian settlements in the region of Lipez …
  • Laguna Colorada – PotosiLaguna Colorada – Potosi
    Recommendations meet the entire environment is an unforgettable activity since it has unique landscapes, However found …
  • Incahuasi island – PotosiIncahuasi island – Potosi
    The Incahuasi island, in quechua means «the casa del Inca», It is a Bolivian island located in the central part of the …
  • Coqueza Chantani – PotosiCoqueza Chantani – Potosi
    The town of Coqueza chantani is located in the municipality of Tahua, Southwest of Bolivia, located of the province …
  • Salar de Uyuni – PotosiSalar de Uyuni – Potosi
    Recommendations meet the entire environment is an unforgettable activity since it has unique landscapes, However found …

City Tour – La Paz

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