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The Cochuna waterfalls, San Felix and San Jacinto – La Paz

Cochuna waterfalls, San Felix and San Jacinto


Altitude 1723 m.a.s.l..
Temperature Min. 18 OC – Max. 28 OC

Wear light clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, lenses and Sun Hat, waterproof outerwear for rainy season and swimsuit; first aid kit with insect repellent and sun shield.

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The Cochuna waterfalls, San Felix and San Jacinto – La Paz

The Cochuna waterfalls, San Felix and San Jacinto, they have more of 8 meters high, These waterfalls, they form small pools of crystal clear water flowing later in the Coroico River at its base. In its vicinity you can appreciate coverage of impressive vegetation that is characterized by the presence of mosses, ferns and ragwort. This gift of nature is located on the slopes of Cerro Uchumachi. Natural formations stand out in geographical and territorial environment and acquire singular importance because it complements the circuits of the tourist attractions of the municipality.

You can access them through the dirt road that connects with Coripata Coroico, This tour can be done through the taxis of the municipality or through walks. The approximate time to visit the site is two and a half hours approximately.

The waterfalls are displayed in all its fullness in rainy season, When it increases its volume; is between the months of December, January and February, time of moisture when vegetation is also manifested in its maximum expression. It is possible to visit the attraction throughout the year, taking precautions during rainy season, by the State of the roads becomes difficult at times.

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