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Paleontological and archeological museum – Tarija



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Paleontological and archeological museum – Tarija

The Museum of paleontology and archaeology of Tarija is located just one block from the main square of the city (the Plaza Luis de Fuentes) and contains fossils and specimens dating from millions of years ago. The two-storey building, construction started in 1941, It also has a colorful history and has been used for various other functions prior to being handed over to the Universidad Autónoma Juan Misael Saracho of Tarija in 1964 so finally it is used for its intended purpose.

The facade of the building is interesting and has sculptures of trilobites and Brachiopods. The ground floor accommodates fossils and is the Museum of paleontology. The first floor contains remnants of ceramics, fabrics, arrowheads, skulls and skeletons, and hundreds of interesting articles that have the human and cultural history of the region that is now Tarija. This is the archaeological museum.

The stars of the show are definitely three massive skeletons. The first, a giant sloth (Megatherium americanum) discovered by a child of 11 years. The second and the third are the skeletons of a mammoth and a huge ancestor of the armadillo. In addition it has discovered hundreds of fossils and parts more. The Museum tells us that there are so many pieces that the majority are stored. People bring new fossils to the Museum frequently. Up to the first floor, look through the window that is more or less half of the bleachers and see paleontologists working hard to clean and repair fossils found.

The upper floor has two rooms. To the right is the mineralogy Hall, with rows of glass cases containing stones, rocks, gems and minerals. On the left is the main hall, full of ceramics, fabrics and even mummies. Here we learn how ancient people buried the dead in huge ceramic vessels, how its artisans produced necklaces bones and stones, and how they hunted and sought their food.

No cost visit this Museum, but visitors must register Yes entering. The Museum needs to have a new building worth its importance to be able to display the thousands of artifacts that are currently stored. Not to be missed! It is very exciting!


Paleontological and archaeological National Museum
Calle Gral. No wheat. 402 Corner Virginio Lema
Tarija - Bolivia
Ve.: (591-4) 663-6680

The Museum of paleontology and archaeology of Tarija is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 12:00 a.m.. and between the 15:00 and 18:00 the afternoon, and Saturday days of 9:00 to 12:00 a.m.. and 15:00 to 18:00 PM.


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