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Plaza Murillo – La Paz


Altitude 3650 masl
Temperature Min. 5 C – Max. 23 C

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Plaza Murillo – La Paz

It is located in the central urban area of the city of La Paz , in it converge Ballivián streets, Battle of Junín, Ingavi, Trade, Bolivar, Socabaya and Ayacucho, is surrounded of important buildings historical as the Palace of Government, The legislative power, The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Hotel Paris.

Plaza Murillo was designed the year 1558 by alfarife Paniagua, in its early days it was known as the Plaza Mayor. At the entrance to the square is the bust of the President Villarroel, In the Center is locates a monument of approximately four metres of high, at the top of the, is is the statue of Don Pedro Domingo Murillo Protomartyr of the independence. In the middle is the figure of a woman, to the left the representation of a soldier and to the right the representation of a lion. The woman represents the motherland, the soldier of freedom and "people" carries in his hand a shield with the inscription the lion represents courage and victory. To the other side of the monument is found the figure of an angel symbolizing the presence of the Divinity in the homeland. On the bottom it has inscriptions: Peace, Gloria, Union and force the monument was designed by sculptor Ferruccio Centella.

Under the monument of the Plaza Murillo is is the sculpture of a book with the registration of it proclaims of the Board revolution made the 27 July of 1809 in the city of la Paz by Pedro Domingo Murillo, Gregorio García Lanza, John Bacilio Catacora, Melchor León de la Barra, Jose Antonio Medina, Buenaventura Bueno, Juan Manuel Mercado, Manuel Victorio spear, Sebastian of Aparicio and Figueroa and the Dr. Juan de la Cruz Monje and Ortega.

At one end of the square a monument there are illustrious heroes homeland and it a plaque in tribute to the"maimed invalid Benemeritos of the homeland of the Chaco War" next to this building there is a block of cement with the names of the protagonists of the independence, probably in this site is hung in the gallows them bodies of those Patriots.

The square was witness of multiple events historical and of the step of several leaders of State whose actions were approved or unapproved by the population, who the supporters or the destituían. The overthrows usually were accompanied from revolutions civil, entrenchments to the square and the unfortunate loss of life.

Currently the Plaza Murillo continues being the main scenario of them events historical and of the decisions important that define the destination of our country and of future generations. The Plaza Murillo welcomes to resident national and tourists that the visit by its meaning historical and while is recreate looking and feeding to them flocks of pigeons whose flapping is interspersed with them laughter of them children.

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