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Fricassee – La Paz

Fricassee – La Paz

Fricassee is a dish popular in several countries around the world. However, the origin and creation of this dish France attributed. To understand the truth of this historical data, just take into account the origin of the name of the dish, because this comes from the French fricassee, term that could come from a single belonging to the latin expression, frigicare (FRY), either of two expressions of the French language, frire (FRY) and casser (break).

On the relationship between the meaning of the word Fricassee and the preparation as such, you need to take into account the preparation of the French dish, because unlike the Fricassee that we know in Bolivia, the French Fricassee consists of a stew of meat and vegetables (usually white) that it must be previously sautéed to finally accompany them with a sauce eggs.

As you know well, the Bolivian traditional Fricassee dispenses with a sauce made with eggs to work more in the abundant spicy stock in which plunges the inevitable nickname and chuño. In the same way, is set aside plenty of vegetables that include the French dish. This variation was giving to formula was expanding across the continent (many were adopting techniques and different ingredients according to your taste and according to the food which had). In addition, enough years have passed since the arrival of the original recipe in the Americas until today.


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