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Santa Cruz

Lomas de Arena – Santa Cruz

The sand hills Regional Park was created the year 1991 by D.S. N ° 22911.

The regional park is located at 12 km to the South of the city of Santa Cruz, in the municipality of the guard of the province Andrés Ibáñez. It has an area of 13.326 It has., of which, more than 3.000 There are dunes or sand hills.

The Park Administration is the responsibility of the management of Protected Areas of the departmental Government of Santa Cruz, in coordination with the municipality of La Guardia, municipality of Santa Cruz and the surrounding private owners Park.

The protected Area Studies suggest that forest conservation status is vulnerable (Navarro, 1997). Different types of forests are of great importance in the dynamics of the dune Park geosistema, protecting and consolidating the fixation of sand dunes. They offer food and shelter to wildlife and are part of the scenic beauty of the natural landscape.

Private farming and ranching tradition properties exist in the area which imposes the progressive advance of deforestation at low level, causing the deterioration of the area in the medium term.

The park presents signs of rain-forest Chaco transitional and natural savannas that are home to a diversity of wildlife such as, opossums, carachupas, Anteaters, lazy, monkeys martin, meleros, Badgers, foxes, jochis, urinas, taitetú and more than 12 species of bats, among others. 286 species of birds that represent the 21 % for Bolivia. Among them are: Kettle Bell, stop Red, bato and others. The Park is home to approximately 50 species of reptiles of which 27 they are amphibians.

In the sand hills Regional Park there are at least 208 vascular plant species identified among them: toborochi, tajibo, tigerwood, motacú, totai and several species of cactus.


The Regional Park Lomas de Arena, In addition to the attributes of "beach" that characterize him, This identifies the following tourist sites:

  • Ecological path: In travel you can enjoy Sun and sand dunes, tours by carriage or on horseback by a spectacular trail that stretches for five kilometers.
  • Archaeological site: In the warning area, they found remains of ceramics, What was the Chane cemetery, to date the only remnants of this culture archaeological site.
  • Interpretation centre: It provides educational information about the Park in order to raise awareness and disseminate the values of nature conservation.
  • Rural tourism: Is often seen in the weekends, many people in the city to move to fifth place for distraction and recreation private.

On the other hand, the greatest attraction for visitors, It is the spectacular views offered by the formation of sand dunes that reach up to 12 meters high, evoking the charm of an oasis in the deserts of sand, the lakes that feed streams and rain water. Close to it is "Sun and sand", a resort with swimming pool and restaurant.

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