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Plaza 24 September – Santa Cruz

Plaza 24 September

The central square, the starting point of the Santa Cruz capital, which more than 400 years resting on the sandy areas chosen by Lorenzo Suárez Figueroa and Gonzalo Soliz of Holguín, as the final site of the historic city in the platense conquest.

The first houses and streets of the Santa Cruz of yesteryear, They emerged around this important square. Currently the square 24 September, named in honor of the emancipatory cry of 1810, It is still surrounded by historical buildings.

Southwest village, the majestic Temple of the so-called Basilica minor of San Lorenzo Cathedral is located, dating of 1915, an original building which has more than three centuries, which in one of its towers that House the bell towers, runs the viewpoint of “The Cathedral”.

In the North sidewalk, rises the building built by don Simone Marchetti between 1871 and 1878, that today is home to the governance of the Department, also referred to as “Government House”; and to your left side, the central offices of the municipality are, a building executed between the years 1901 and 1904, by the architect Bernardo Cadario.

In the corner of the streets of Ayacucho and independence, is the building built in 1917 and where today is the historical Social Club 24 September; and at the corner of Junin and liberty streets, rises the central building of the Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, built in the year 1940 by Dr. Romulo Herrera Justiniano.

Location: Center of the old part of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra


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