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Plazuela Calleja – Santa Cruz

Lto plazuela Calleja and the District encompasses tradition, history, ventures, strengths and weaknesses. Recognized as the heart of America of the South, Perhaps blanket, one of the neighborhoods of old exposed to modernity, that we still have in the center of Santa Cruz. In this ancient square having a cross even though it has no hood, each 3 may it prays the Rosary and the ninth. The entire neighborhood shares the good neighbourliness. The Court is also is a meeting point and joy where thunders in the carnival band. It is there where also the wood and sawdust were witnesses to two kids, Marcelo and Kiti, to be children of don Tomás Callaú, owner of the carpentry of the neighborhood, they had to hand the noble raw materials then Marcelo Callaú become works of art that departed from the Court by the world, like today make it carved butterflies of Kiti, the sister of the late artist. They are of the lane like other so many good citizens of this district that decided to exploit the gem which are and not remain only as an obligatory stop in the Carnival or the feast of the cross, but is put hands to the work to enhance the good neighbourhood, the sense of belonging to a territory and the trade route that encompasses at least 70 private investment in your environment.

To do this, neighbors every second Sunday of the month held in the plazuela Calleja, a craft fair and tourism. In June is the third version. And, is that the Calleja not only is a point of encounter for the tradition and the history, but it is the heart of South America that deserves to be appreciated as an important geographical urban area of Santa Cruz.



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