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Roasted face – Oruro

Roasted face
Roasted face

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Roasted face – Oruro

This heritage of culinary Oruro rescues a tradition, inherited from generation to generation, intangible character. Mauricio Cazorla historian describes his face as the most characteristic of Oruro dish-roasted and is always eaten with bread and hand. Its origin has to do with the arrival of the llameros to Oruro to sell lamb. They traded everything, except the head, that - not be wasted to pass satiate his hunger - they cooked in the ovens of the dairy farms and ate bread. A historic Datum realizes that in 1809, during the uprising of the 25 may, the famous removes layers, a Brazilian mulatto of behavior fought the law, He arrived in Oruro and a process started him on suspicion of committing a barrabassades; the subject was found in a local drinking with women and eating roasted face. "Confirms that this culinary heritage has data better than the" 200 years", It says Cazorla.El roasted face was declared patrimony of Oruro by departmental law 21, enacted the 8 February's 2012. The standard includes the charquekan and the p'isara;fruits pasakana and ank'anoka;the api and the boiled of ank'anoka and ayrampu. The legislation recommends its registration and promotion at trade fairs.

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