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Our mission is to:

  1. Promote foreign tourism to our country.
  2. Share the tourist places of our country to Bolivia and the world.
  3. Inform nationals and foreigners about: history, events, Myths and legends, in each place of the 9 departments of Bolivia.

Knowing our mission you are free of:

  1. Provide information for new items or complement that already exist.
  2. Read and print text and images of the article of our portal.
  3. Share and reuse our articles and other resources, whenever you mention the source or author of the article.

Take into account the following conditions:

  1. Free information: you are aware that their contributions are now in the public domain.
  2. Responsibility: You are responsible for the information that you submit.
  3. Urbanity: You will support our mission and will not attack others.
  4. Lawful behavior: You will not infringe the laws of copyright or other laws.
  5. Do not damage: You will not damage our technological infrastructure.
  6. Content: the contents of the articles are informative and educational purposes.


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