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Stone tree- Potosi

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Stone tree


Knowing the entire environment is an unforgettable activity since it has unique landscapes, However found at high altitudes between 3600 up to 5000 height Mt, away from cities , with limited services and difficult paths, It is necessary to consider the following recommendations.

The kind of places they should take the following:
– Sunscreen
– Small cut tickets
– Sleeping bag
– Personal first aid kit
– Sunglasses
– Trouses long
– T-shirts long sleeves
– Warm clothes
– Gloves
– Flashlight
– Cream for lips
– Cream for hands and face
– Wool Hat
– Torque Cap Sun
– Scarf
– Hiking boots

Note.- Take care of your backpacks and always attentive to anything.

Altitude 4000 – 5000 masl
Temperature Min. -10 C – Max. 20 C

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Stone tree – Potosi

The stone tree which was declared a natural monument, It is a geomorphological formation of type mushroom Rocky due to the wind that stands out from a set of volcanic rocks of different shapes located in a sandy area, desert Siloli, to the entry of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna national reserve to the southwest of Bolivia, located in the Department of Potosi, Bolivia. It has a height of 5 meters and its particular appearance is the element that gives tourist attractions. It is visited at any time of the day, the dwell time is a maximum of half an hour, time that is used to taking some pictures, only scheduled activity.

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