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Santa Cruz

Buenavista – Santa Cruz


Buenavista was founded the 26 November of the 1694 as the Jesuit mission of the Santos marriage of Joseph and Mary, located on a hill overlooking the "Amboro National Park" to 100 km. Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the Northwest corner of.

Across the geography of Buenavista is characterized by a beautiful landscape surrounded by the exuberant nature, flora and fauna thanks to its vicinity to the imposing amboro National Park which makes it an ideal place for rest, with a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 25 degrees.

Buenavista is the capital of the Ichilo province, The Ichilo province has approximately 15.000 Km2 (almost half that of Belgium, Europe). The 40% its territory is protected area .
The extension of the town of Buena Vista is of 3.311 Km2, of which 1.885 Km2 correspond to the Amboró National Park (PNA)..

This area of natural tropical beauty is part of the Department, Stressing that it constitutes the main tourist circuit of this region. to be declared one municipality with tourist vocation both for demand nationally and internationally since it boasts a hotel of first level as well as a calendar of festivals and events throughout the year which makes it a favourite destination for tourists.


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