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Samaipata – Santa Cruz


On the picturesque main square of Samaipata is a tourist information centre. Leafy trees and colorful flowers embellish this square, busy inhabitants and outsiders, both in day and in night. Surround the plaza Church, a school, a hostel, an international call center, an internet cafe, cafes, bars, small shops that offer from bread freshly baked to sunscreen, and the inevitable itinerant craftsmen.

Some 150 Square m, on the main avenue, You find a full Archaeological Museum, a chess center, which regularly hosts Championships, the creative handicraft shop of Don Guillermo and the producer of delicious wines and jams homemade Vlady, ideal choices for carry fond memories of Samaipata.

In Samaipata you will find several tourist suppliers ready to accompany you on unforgettable journeys in the area, horse, in mountain bike, in vehicle traction or simply on foot:
Amboro Tours (Spanish, English), Don Gilberto (Spanish), Eco-tourism (Spanish, English), Don Gustavo (German, Spanish, English), Nature Tours Michael Blendinger (Spanish, German, English), The Roadrunners, Frank and Olaf (German, English, Spanish).

Two viewpoints, one of which is located the remains of a former combat aircraft as Observatory, they are ideal for anyone looking for a broad overview of this village dream dipped in the green of the surrounding heights.

Inevitable are the traditional tree nurseries, ornamental plants, aromatic herbs or organic vegetables.

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