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Chimoré – calendar of activities

Stew fair and festival of taquipayanacus February Chimoré main square
Chimoré fish fair Holy week Chimoré main square
Feast of the Virgen del Carmen 16 July Chimoré main square
Civic anniversary of Chimoré 13 September Chimoré main square
Religious festival Lord of exaltation 14 September Chimoré main square
Fair Expotropico October Chimoré main square


STEW FAIR AND FESTIVAL OF TAQUIPAYANACUS: Gastronomic fair in which participating restaurants and chefs, offering the visitor a delicious stew. Several groups of groups and taquipayanacus they also participate in this fair, spreading joy to the population. This activity is carried out in February.

CHIMORÉ FISH FAIR: The fish fair in fish and pay mode, was performed for the first time the 11 April of 2009, at the initiative of the direction of productive development and environment of the Government Autonomous Municipal Chimoré, to strengthen local capacities for fish producers with fish meat and derived dishes offer and encouraging tourism and recreational activities in the municipality.

FEAST OF THE VIRGIN OF THE CARMEN: Festival that is celebrated in the Chimoré municipality. The Virgen del Carmen, is considered the patron saint of Bolivia and the armed forces. This Festival brings together devotees of different locations, in Cochabamba, Santa cruz and La paz. They are several holidays, one that goes to the Festival that will take place the 15, the central mass will be the 16 and subsequent to this, the main image will be carried in procession through the surrounding streets to church, ending these holidays the 17.

CIVIC ANNIVERSARY CHIMORÉ: Chimoré belongs to the José Carrasco province, It was created the 13 September of 1984, enacted during the Presidency of Hernán Siles Zuazo. Chimoré name derives from the Yuracaré language meaning almendrillo or tree hard. There are civic events in commemoration of our municipality, starting with the Serenade the 11 September and continuing with parades and major events.

RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL LORD OF EXALTATION: The feast of the Lord of exaltation of the cross, It is in memory of the recovery of the Santa Cruz. In our town the year 1979, When Don Miguel Méndez and Sra. They felt the need for a religious festival to the people and in coordination with the parish priest Anselmo Andreotti, the party was attached to the anniversary of the Chimoré municipality, so was elected to the exaltation of Christ, taking into account the religious liturgical calendar, that the 14 September is the feast of the "Lord of exaltation", Since that is the feast.

FAIR EXPOTROPICO: The Expotropico fair was organized for the first time in 1997, the Expotropico fair takes place in the month of October of each year, It is one of the most important fairs of the Region of the tropics is intended to expose the productive potential of the municipality, enterprises and micro-businesses, them touting the diversity of products and services, is achieved to move large sums of economic benefit of exhibitors and producers.

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