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Chimoré – Community entrepreneurship Tasibe culture Yuracaré in "TCO Yuqui Ciri"

Entrepreneurship Community origin Yuracaré TASIBE located in the indigenous communities of communal lands of origin "TCO" Yuqui Ciri in the community of three islands located in the Amazon part of Chimoré municipality. It is one of the community ventures that provide community service with Cultural identity, participatory and responsible with a paramount principle of conservation and protection of the cultural and natural heritage of the community lands of origin.

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The community lands of origin Yuracaré is located in the 8th District of the Chimoré municipality providing all its Natural and Cultural richness found in their lands where you can observe the lush Flora Natural wealth as the giant trees and Fauna Wildlife of the Amazon Tropical of Cochabamba that gives you all the natural energy.

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