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Coroico – Nor Yungas province – La Paz


Wear light clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, lenses and Sun Hat, waterproof outerwear for rainy season; first aid with sunscreen, repellent against insects and medicine for altitude sickness.

Altitude 1746 masl
Temperature Min. 15 C – Max. 26 C

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Coroico – Nor Yungas province

The origin of the town goes back to pre-Hispanic times and the Spanish conquest, where its first inhabitants were engaged in agriculture and mining production; It is a town where technology mingles with traditional and cultural; It brings together groups of different origins such as Aymara, afrobolivianos and mestizos, which coexist for the progress of the region. Coroico is surrounded by stunning scenery, presenting beautiful views of the Cordillera Real: high mountains and subtropical valleys. In the natural area stand out like the achiote plant species, Wormwood, cedron, eucalyptus, ragwort, KOA, etc. In January of the 2004 It has been declared "Prime tourist municipality of Bolivia" by the Vice Ministry of tourism within the framework of the law 2074 Promotion and development of the tourist activity in Bolivia. Such appointment is due to the variety of attractions and the quality of services has for the attention of visitors.

The ecotourism activities can be developed in this region are the hiking, mountain bike (biking), registration of landscape photographs, observation of flora and fauna, canoeing (kayaking) and rafting, In addition to community and rural tourism with visits to towns with rich cultural heritage of the region. Among the main attractions are the Cotapata National Park, the Prehispanic El Choro trail, the cerro Uchumachi, the pools of the Vagante, Ecovía Chuspipata – Chovacollo. The cultural attractions that stand out are: the charming rural communities such as Montepulciano, Mururata and cave paintings in "Kellkata". Among the highlights are the Patronal feast of the 20 October in honor to the Virgen de la Candelaria, the fair of the Racacha and the International Festival of Coroico.

Coroico is derived from the quechua word that means coryguayco (Golden Hill). The main attraction of the city is its slowness, allowing plenty of time for swimming, sunbathing and swaying in a hammock. The hiking here is more than a Trek walk, It attracts hikers to the way of the woolly or the frantic descent from the mountains of La Paz.

Coroico is relatively warm year-round, but summer storms bring heavy downpours. Due to its position of peak Hill, fog is common, especially in the afternoon, When rising from the deep valleys and eddies passing through the streets and the rooftops.

The city is the 20 October, and Saturdays and Sundays are market days. On Monday, the city closes its doors, with most of the shops and restaurants reopen on Tuesday morning.

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