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Myths and legendsOruro

Ghosts and goblins cause “terror” in the General Hospital – Oruro


The old General Hospital

Ghosts, goblins, words that would be framed in a history of science fiction or characters that would fit perfectly in a script of a terrifying film style “Hollywood”.

However, We think that those ghosts do exist and are part of the reality of a house or an old building, as the San Juan de Dios General Hospital, where in recent weeks and because they say it, for several years, both the staff and patients live experiences that many would simply result from the imagination of man.

That fact is viewed with skepticism, but people who experienced it firsthand remember with fear what they had to spend in a given moment of your life and adhering to your fear, We want to recover a few stories that we collected in the oldest hospital of Oruro.


The San Juan de Dios General Hospital had a 19th-century infrastructure, Roman classical style. Until it works as a hospital, the place was known as the House of the Juandedianos, It belonged to the order of San Juan de Dios, founder of the hospital brothers. The order was created in Granada Spain to cater to those who suffered from the black plague in the 12th century.

The opening of the San Juan de Dios General Hospital dates from the 1 in January of 1912, Although there are other versions that indicate that it was inaugurated the 31 December of 1910 and it was built with the influence of the 19th century. It worked much sooner in the grounds of what is now the Colegio Mariscal Sucre.

One of the main drivers for the construction of the hospital was Dámaso Rodríguez and premiered during the Presidency of Eliodoro Villazón, that after ten years of operation was determined with clarity the diseases discussed, as flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, syphilis and others. The children are attended gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

The pavilions were small with adjoining parts conveniently installed for the time. To this was added the operating room, the maternity ward, Pensioner and child room.

Subsequently, the second section of the building was built, where settled insulating sections for patients of both sexes and the laundry section.

The medical staff was integrated by a director, three doctors, a surgeon, a midwife and a pharmaceutical.

In 1923 It enabled a public office, where is attending free healing in medicine and surgery.

Subsequently, its original infrastructure was demolished for construction of the building which is currently in place.

In 1983 When was the City Council chaired by Emeterio Tovar, through a series of steps, He managed to be the founder of the daughters of charity, Daughters of Santa Ana, sister Rosa Ana Gatorno, send to ten Sisters of that congregation and constitute the General Hospital, to make the service of vigilance and attention to the sick.


The existence of the hospital which dates from almost a century, He did that over the years is creating stories based on experiences that patients and medical staff, not only now, but also of many years ago. Although people show skepticism on the subject, Noting that there are no ghosts or goblins and that everything is a product of the imagination.

However, reality tells us another thing and is what then will reflect them.


Approximately a decade ago has the appearance of a ghost very well uniformed nurse registration in chambers that once was the first pension.

On that occasion, a nursing assistant needed during the morning a couple of Sera for operating room, so it came out to the patio and then sighted his gaze to the pension sector, with the possibility of finding someone to make him the favour of go by Sera.

As there was nobody in the place, is it steeled and she ran up to the mentioned sector. Once in the Hall, found a police cash, who stood guard to safeguard a patient.

The nursing assistant asked him- Have you ever not seen nurse?, immediately answered the police - Yes, just go to the infirmary with a tray and was very well uniformed.

When both joined the nurse's office, This was not, to the surprise of both the uniformed and the auxiliary.

Minutes before the auxiliary is come to the room of pensioned, the police was in the hallway standing guard sitting on a bench. In the meantime, He noted that a seven room nurse left, very well dressed, with Cap, white robe and a layer. He had in hand a tray and when passed by the sector where the uniformed was, greeted him - good night. Said the uniformed - Goodnight doctorita.

That fact was enough, so the police claims to safely, Yes he saw entering the nurse to his office and thus responded to the Assistant that you asked for it.

A couple of years before it happened, has that Pensionado worked a nurse who had many family problems and looked very suffered, above all for the penalty which had their two minor children. Suddenly, the Lady declined due to cancer and was admitted to the seven room, where it subsequently died by disease he suffered, but he did so with much suffering because of the penalty to leave the land to their offspring.

Is for that, that this emergence has associated with the nurse who died in that place.


Another of the socialized stories is what happens in the corridors of pine, What are two passages that are located in parallel, both connect the first courtyard, with the second.

The general belief says that during the early morning hours, between the 02:00 to 03:00 hours, appears in both halls, the nurse without head. A worker at the Hospital who asked his name, He said that they recommended at that time does not pass only by the place, because the appearance of that ghostly being made, However, He said that he never saw apparitions of that nature, but he confessed that fear invades you, each time that must pass through that place at the appointed time.


A known fact, It was that happened some time ago to a degree audit, who provided their services in the Hospital. A night, not too late, It spanned the corridor of pines to the second courtyard, he suddenly felt a hand that put him on one of his shoulders and heard the word “Hello”.

Turned to answer the greeting, but there was no one in the place. At that time, Knight almost suffered a heart attack, by what happened.


A doctor (asked for his name) told that the 2007, He saw the appearance of a ghost child, When did turn one night in emergency.

He said minutes before the appearance of the spectrum, attending a few patients who were burnt to the 04:00 hours.

“It was a weekend and the 04:30 hours I has rest room (It was next to the emergency clinic). I didn't sleep, I threw on the bed and then touched the door - toc, TOC, TOC - I told them that they will be, how I do it with the whole world, the door opened and there appeared a child, a choquito to the 04:30 in the morning hours”, said.

He described that the child had a suit of casimir of yesteryear, a short, SAC and Cap of the same fabric, wore as collar on the chest, an anchor, He was also in the Beanie. His appearance was pale, as a portrait picture.

“What most caught my attention is that the bus began to enter, and a measure which entered could not move me, I noted that he also had boots and boots were knotted and nothing to do with what a child is dressed. The most striking was that the child had a yellow balloon, went up to the height of the sink and began to smile I, There was that I screamed and I ran. It was not a dream and went back to emergency, I stayed with the nurse, I told him and he told me that there are things that always appear”, explained.

The doctor considered that appearance was premonitory, because shortly after one of their colleagues died.


A.B. who belongs to service personnel said that three months ago, He noted the presence of goblins who played with her. In general, A.B. rises every morning to the 04:00 hours and is responsible for the cleaning of the corridors of the Hospital.

“A day in the morning, I woke up and was about to get up, was already awake, When I felt that I pulled from my ears and I then felt that I pulled from my nose, there I noticed that two children were on top of me and to tell them that I do nothing, vanished. Since that day I have fear and sleep with light and radio turned on in the Hospital”, said.

He also said that a child of Pediatrics complained because at night they did not let him sleep two children who were playing with him.


One of the nurses picked up the complaint of several patients, those who during a morning could not rest well, since they suffered a day of terror, by the appearance of a phantom procession that went through the surgery boys Hall, less than a month ago. The procession entered through the South door and left to fade out the North door.

“I've seen that one of the people who was in the procession came up to me and wanted me to crush, said one of the patients. While another appeared without the plugs in the nose, which placed him as a result of an operation, as a result of what he saw. I was told the patients that the members of the procession, they were all black, They told me what happened as a procession and they were all black”, said.


The patient, Protasio Espinoza bar featured that night that the cortege appeared, He couldn't sleep because he was delicate and painful.

“There were a few men with long hair and small, they were born as cannibals and wanted me to pull my hand at all costs, I have not stopped me and my cot pisé firm, so they can not get me. They cried out, they were four who wanted me to take. Already you could not sleep and fell to intensive care for six days”, said.

He added that since that day you can not retrieve evil that afflicts, due to an injury I pointed sharp that they did in the area northeast of the city.


The student Omar Ignacio, who in those days was interned in the General Hospital, He said that the day that supposedly the ghostly procession appeared, all patients surgery men woke up scared.

“For me, it was a night of suspense, because most has cried and had nightmares. One of the Lords has seen the procession, I remember that day I dreamed with dead and ghosts, but did not consider them ghosts, but for me they were demons. On the morning of that day, the wall that was close to me, appeared stained with blood. I woke up scared”, recalled.

He added that that day patients protested by what we had experienced, that night also came to the adjoining room (Traumatology), wounded by a deed of transit and more evening noticed that two dead were pulled out of that room.

He reiterated that that night was nightmare, because all slept badly.

“A nurse told me that it had taken me the plaster of the nose, the plugs and had cried, that's what I remember”, said.


Another very talked-about story in hospital, It is the appearance of a nun in one of the aisles who is in the new emergency room, like Elves making mischief, with those in place, during the early mornings.


All these ghostly apparitions have caused concern in the San Juan de Dios General Hospital authorities, those who determined to offer a mass for the souls forgotten Friday 11 September. Environments are also blessed to stem the tide of appearances of ghosts and goblins that came from the beyond to frighten mortals with his presence.