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Santa Cruz

San José de Chiquitos - Santa Cruz – Bolivia

San José de Chiquitos, known locally only San Jose is a small town in Bolivia, the provincial capital of Chiquitos located in the Department of Santa Cruz founded as a mission town in 1697.

This Jesuit village has a dry subhumid climate, its average temperature is 25.4 ° C (maximum temperature of 32 ° in November and a minimum of 16 ° in June). San José de Chiquitos exports coffee, grapefruit, Apples, Pumpkins, bananas, among others. It has a rainfall of 1.024,2 mm, the average relative humidity is of 68%.

Located in the heart of Chiquitania to 265 kilometers by rail, to the East of the capital Santa Cruz, It can also be reached by paved road which is part of the bioceanic corridor three hours from Santa Cruz. Two kilometres from San Jose, on the banks of the Brook Suto, was first founded the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Currently it is part of the historic Santa Cruz la Vieja National Park.

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