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XXVIII entry folk University UMSA 2016 – La Paz


Altitude 3650 masl
Temperature Min. 5 C – Max. 23 C

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XXVIII entry folk University UMSA 2016 – La Paz

Saturday 1 August is lived the greatest folk expression in the city of La Paz and quedas invited to enjoy the beauty of our culture in the XXVIII entry folk University organized by the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.

The event consists of 66 fraternities made up of different races and powers of the UMSA, the aim of the event is to keep our traditions alive.

Among the most representative dances one can quote: Morenada, caporales, moceños, Tata dancing, sicuris, Saya, Llamerada, antawaras, potolos, chapaqueada, chacarera, pujllay, tinkus, tuffs, cueca paceña, etc.

It is scheduled that the event begins on Saturday 1 from August to the 8:00 and complete to the 18:50.

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