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foodLa Paz

Plato Paceño – La Paz


El La Paz dish dates back to the fence that the city suffered in 1781 by the indigenous movement, led by Túpac Katari and Bartolina Sisa.

The siege lasted longer for three months and in the absence of Captain Sebastián Segurola foods, He commanded to call all the owners of nearby farms so that they collect all possible products. By this action, It managed to rescue sweet corn, beans, potatoes and sheep cheese. It is as well as the traditional dish of La Paz.

BALLIVIAN said that by then, each portion was purely vegetarian, but, already for the year 1800 When the cattle reaching La Paz, integrates as a complement to the dish meat. The cheese was also changing, before you prepared it with pecorino cheese, then with the cow, but its aesthetics and its taste did not change over time.

Form of preparation (suggestion)

- Ingredients
4 large corn (depends on the number of people)
8 Potatos
1 lb. beans with shell
1 medium cheese
1 sugar spoon
1 teaspoon of anise
salt to taste

- Preparation of the Llajua
1 tomato
5 Peppers
5 sprigs of prawns or huacataya
1 pinch of salt


  1. Wash the corn and make Cook in water, Add sugar and anise.
  2. Wash beans thoroughly, make cook with Peel.
  3. Do Cook in plenty of hot water with salt, potatoes with Peel, carefully washed.
  4. Cut slices of cheese, Sprinkle with flour, the flour helps the cheese stays in one piece without RID and FRY in plenty of oil hot on both sides.
  5. Preparation of the llajua: wash ingredients, Remove seeds to the peppers, in batan or blender to grind everything together with the prawns (may the llajua have the same flavor but there is difference in the consistency of the llajua recommendation that many people make is that the llajua tastes best when it is ground in batan). At the end season with salt.




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