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EventsLa Paz

132 cultural activities to further boost the pride of the La Paz

La Paz / Las Cosas Claras.- In the calle Apolinar Jaén, a few steps from the House of Pedro Domingo Murillo, Live Claudia Ormachea, of 26 years. It is Tuesday 3 July at noon and she, together with coconut, your dog, out for a ride while hears red headphones with the new song "Yo soy la Paz" Gran Matador. "Everything I feel for La Paz reflects this song", says Pat your pet.

"I like to see the Colorados of Bolivia, authorities and institutions paraded with the teas, a special air feels, different. Everyone leave that day and feel the pride of La Paz and what makes me more curious is that the La Paz celebrates over the 16 July to the 6 August, It feels to be collita, all are glad, I like much the verbena also", says the young neighbor.

Claudia words illustrate a general feeling, especially in this month, the most important thing for the La Paz and that commemorates the revolution of the 16 July of 1809. To celebrate, the Mayor's Office has prepared an agenda of 300 activities, between delivery of works, civic acts Protocol, social activities, cultural and other.

Precisely on Monday 2, Mayor Luis Revilla presented to the population the agenda for July. Civic activities include, Sunday 15, the reading of the proclamation of the revolution in the casa de Murillo, the parade of teas and traditional La Paz verbena; on Monday 16 the wreaths will be and Alberto Saavedra Pérez will be held the session of honour of the City Council in the theatre. The programme was launched on Sunday 1 July with flown paceña flag in the plaza Mayor of San Francisco.

"Already opened important cultural activities, as the art gallery outdoor low Seguencoma with an exhibition of paintings of La Paz and Bolivian artists, We will have the festival of Comic vignettes with height, unveil commemorative plaques, concerts of music and contemporary dance, among others", advises Revilla.

In this way, the La Paz will be big. This civic effervescence is highlighted by the singer-songwriter Manuel Monroy Chazarreta El Papirri, who adds that while there is a variety of festivals throughout the year in the seat of Government, July is special to all who inhabit the hoyada.

"All regions of Bolivia have their celebrations, only in La Paz is celebrated and held throughout the year. We started in Alasita, then Carnival, the month of the Bolivian sea, Great power, Aymara new year and so we continue celebrating life, ending with the chuntunkis toddler. Of course, July is special, by the first libertarian cry of America, but now I feel that the first La Paz rebellion against the colony was Tupak Katari", holds.

Coincident, the master Ernesto Cavour charanguista highlights the celebrations and paceño fervency.

"The city of La Paz is the only place where I want to live. I have travelled to all side music, Europe above all and not like, There is nothing as my peace; their celebrations are so emotional, so transcendental songs sound in the houses of the La Paz, cuecas, the tangos, the air of celebration feels in the entire month", says Cavour.

And the artist Álvaro Álvarez also extols this sentiment that runs through the streets of the seat of Government.

"I've been able to travel to various cities, and in each of them there is a traditional celebration, but the difference is that there is a sense of identity in La Paz, the love and civility is stronger here in this city".

Some activities

A total of 132 activities forming part of the cultural program of July, It seeks to highlight the title of the peace Capital Iberoamericana de cultures 2018.

"The municipality of La Paz has been working to generate a broad agenda with a component that has a strong tonic this month by the of Capital Iberoamericana de the cultures 2018", says the Municipal Secretary of culture, Andres ago Zaratti.

The cultural authority highlighted meetings as the Festiblues the 5 and 6 July, Patunka Suxtani Enkuentro of short theatre and drama and the Festival international cartoons with the height the 12 and the first international encounter of museums, at the end of month.

Discussion spaces will also be promoted, reflection and other training processes as Incubator projects, that is a prior activity in the market of cultural and creative industries.

The folk field will be the 31ST College entry the 28 and the anniversaries of the interactive space of memory and future Pipiripi will be the 14 and the Cinemateca Boliviana two days earlier, the 12.

In addition, the 17 There will be an act of commemoration of the victims of the dictatorship of Luis Garcia Meza, around the figure of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, but also true other victims. At the end of the month will be a civic Act of the La Paz flag day.

Verbena: a party that proudly to the La Paz

Face UY..., face UY..., popular metaphysics, If your team is the tail pointer, tomorrow there are mobilized unemployment. why you eat first second?, your great little wawa is. I am with this cold, yesterday just have left its rank, one day I've farreado three days, see Lady, "start at the end...", He says the first part of the song 'Popular metaphysics' of Manuel Monroy Chazarreta, The Papirri, musician and La Paz composer of great experience who will be present at the Festival of this 15 July in San Francisco.

The celebration will begin at the 18.00 and it will also count with the participation of the Argentine Association of cumbia Jambao and the Bolivian young Bonny Lovy; the music of the ' 70s will be present with Loving Darks and Luz de America, There will be folk with Huayna Wila and ozone and to the sound of the drum, Great Matador will present a unique show and the song 'I am La Paz', composed of the Mayor's Office to highlight the local pride.

In Monroy it seems impressive to participate in the Festival and says that he is anxious. Last year sang two songs as a guest by the Group Octavia. "Almost I make me pee out scene, had some 80 thousand people. Never touch so much crowd. This year playing for the first time with my band and I'm certain miedito", designates.

It emphasizes that the verbena is the preferred party of the La Paz. "The heart of La Paz is the Heroes square (now Mayor) and it will remain so even if the years pass, It is the 'taypi' of La Paz", says Monroy. In this year, the stage will be in the middle of avenida Mariscal Santa Cruz in order to have more public around and reach more people who gather to place.

Singer-songwriter adds that La Paz is a more solid feeling and pulsation aymara "generates history of truth, millenary identity and modernity". In addition, be La Paz is to be inclusive, "because we have the La Paz La Paz, the number of Tupiza, the Catalan La Paz, the La Paz gauchitos and everyone feels protected in this hoyada, in this infinite Andean skirt", stresses.

In addition to interpret their classic songs, the singer-songwriter will give you a new piece to the La Paz and its refrain says: "I have a window that is a blessing, da front to the East hillside, t ' ata Illimani, This window made me say: I love my La Paz, for your Moon, by your Sun, your sky, by your essence of truth, for my people and their kindness, I love you.

"This chorus I pursued a couple of months, until I had to complete the song with a poem that take you to La Paz does 20 years, I like very much. I also have other songs such as 'Total Yel'chenko', 'The head of Zepita', 'Today is Sunday', 'Air sea' or 'Alasita', for example", explains the Papirri.

Civico-culturales activities for the month of July

Sunday 8

Wizard of Oz symphonic concert, by Alto Philharmonic Orchestra – Cinema Teatro Municipal 6 August

Monday 9

Civic Act in charge of the city's friends – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Thursday 12

Anniversary Cinemateca Boliviana

Inauguration of the 16 International Festival cartoons with height – Modest Theatre Sanjinés

Opening Patunka Suxtani Enkuentro brief theater and drama – Chamber Theatre

Serenade to the peace Gladys Moreno – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Friday 13

Act of uncovered plate of nomination, Commemorative plaques and bust on the roundabout "Juan Francisco Bedregal" – Llojeta

World day of rock – Cinema Teatro Municipal 6 August

Saturday 14

Anniversary of the interactive space of memory and future Pipiripi

Sunday 15

Reading of the proclamation of the revolution Board – Casa de Murillo

Parade of torches. Casa de Murillo - Center

Traditional Verbena La Paz – Plaza Mayor San Francisco

Monday 16

Floral tributes – Plaza Murillo

Honor of the Council session – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Tuesday 17

Opening of the exhibition "Illimani" – Museo Tambo Quirquincho

Tribute to Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz and the fallen in the coup d'etat of 1985 – Plaza Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz

Wednesday 18

Delivery of works of restoration and heritage valuation – General Cemetery

Vallenato with Eibar Gutierrez and his band (Embassy of Colombia) – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez


Thursday 19

Opening of the exhibition "Dictatorships never again" – House of culture

43 years of Savia Andina – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Symphonic concert (Embassy of Peru) – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Saturday 21

Gala Bafopaz – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Tuesday 24

Peruvian film series (Embassy of Peru) – Cinema Teatro Municipal 6 August

Wednesday 25

Inauguration of the I international meeting of museums – Musef

Act of unveiled Apostle Santiago's nomination in the square plate – High Pampahasi

International exhibition "Visions from the wind" – Cecilio Guzmán de Rojas Salon

Premiere work 'Pornography', of Diego Aramburo – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Thursday 26

Jose Navarro Silberstein of piano (Bolivian based in Austria) – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Saturday 28

Folk University entrance. AV. Montes - Stadium Hernando Siles

Festival of sexual diversity – Cinema Teatro Municipal 6 August

Monday 30

Sylvia Falcon Ridge (Embassy of Peru) – Municipal Theatre Alberto Saavedra Pérez

Tuesday 31

La Paz flag day – Plaza Mayor San Francisco

Film for all – Cinema Teatro Municipal 6 August

Source: AMN