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Moon island

Moon island

In the part where the sun rises, It has built the Temple of the "virgins of the Sun", the duality exists in the Andean world, man woman, day/night, Sun and moon; in this way the island of the Sun, It is complemented by the island of the Moon, where in the past, at the time of the Inca Empire, There was an interesting institution "accllahuasis" (the chosen House), It was a place where only women congregated basically, the Inca had certain emissaries, Once a year, they passed through the Empire and chose the most beautiful girls, and they brought them to the acllahuasis, in this place the women learned the abilities of the female gender, mainly to develop textiles, which were used by the Inca and certain offerings; in the single acllahuasis inhabited women, men were forbidden.

Bethlehem Condarco
Student of tourism UMSA

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